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    Default Re: What have you been up to today then? (Fly fishing related)

    Sorted all my gear yesterday, waders now on custom make rack, boots all cleaned and on a boot rack, coats and bags cleaned and hung in proper order, even found a landing net I thought I'd lost. So much better to have everything in one place rather than scattered all over the house, just have to remember to keep it that way now.
    Amused myself by taking a break and making some priests from an old curtain pole found in a skip, not that I need any more but I can give them away if I meet someone who needs one. The rest of the curtain pole is incorporated into the wader and boot racks.
    Today I am cutting and fitting skirting boards in the fishing/study room and searching for a locker to rig out as a rod store instead of leaning them against the walls.
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