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    Default Re: Given up on co-polymer...

    Well said DN, could not agree more with each and every one of your numbered points.

    If anyone gives a flying one about what I use, it's Maxima Ultragreen for all reservoir subsurface work, fishing relatively deep on small stillwaters, and my occasional sea trout outings. Cheap and good, it hasn't ever let me down and I am tempted to say you could tow a car with the 6lb or 8lb. Copolymer for small stillwater nymphs, all lake dry fly fishing and all chalkstream fishing. As many above do, I like Hardy, but am happy enough with Frog Hair.

    But in all this I am guided by Stan Headley's wise words on leader material, which are "...find out what works for you and stick with it". Spot on, Stan
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    Default Re: Given up on co-polymer...

    Quote Originally Posted by dartmoor navigator View Post
    1. It’s just the internet.

    2. It’s just fishing.

    3. Not everyone has the same experiences...

    I use Hardy copolymer but am sitting in a coffee shop opposite a tackle shop having just bought some Maxima and some Drennan subsurface... I haven’t used those in about 5 years but I’m willing to give them another try based on people’s opinions here.
    I too agree with your three points.

    And I'm doing the same with Maxima for the same reasons.
    I usually use Drennan subsurface and I've run out, and my two local shops, one 'coarse' and one 'fly' didn't have any. And the Drennan 'Supplex' I bought instead has received criticism on here.

    We have to bear in mind that the competition for our money is very intense. So the fishing suppliers have to keep introducing 'new' stuff just to stay in the same place. Hence flouro, copolymer, and 850 quid rods that apparently correct your mistakes
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    Default Re: Given up on co-polymer...

    One other advantage of Maxima is that you a have good chance of recovering a fly that’s stuck 15 feet up a tree. You may even recover a good part of the tree too.
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    Default Re: Given up on co-polymer...

    The late Graham Hawkes, bailiff at Morehall many years ago, once misquoted the saying "a fool at one end and a worm at the other", whilst we were sat chatting by the water, he substituted fly for worm. He said that what was between the fly and the angler didn't matter too much to the fish and much of the time what was at either end didn't matter either. The years between then and now have convinced me that his words had more than a grain of truth about them.

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    Default Re: Given up on co-polymer...

    Confidence in whatever you're using is important but for me co-polymer is always going to find a place in my kit because sometimes when fishing dries I think it will give me an advantage over mono or fluro. I can't scientifically prove that of course but I well remember sticking doggedly to my green maxima on Corrib years ago and day after day saw my boat partner nail fish after fish whilst at the other end of the boat I struggled. A change to the same leader material and my hook-up rate matched his, or nearly - he's a bit better than me!

    Fluro is brilliant for sub-surface work and I still get out the mono when I'm loaded for bear and there are snags to brush up against. Leader material should be selected like any other bit of kit - based on what job you want it to do.

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