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    Default Re: Nonsensical fishing terms.

    Quote Originally Posted by bumble54 View Post
    At one time, when Sheffield was full of engineering workshops, I could believe it to be so, standing on a concrete floor all day and awash with cutting coolant, your feet would rot, literally. It was very painful to even walk, not great when you have a two mile journey from the bus stop to work. Almost everyone I worked with had the same problem and many, including me, took several pairs of socks and extra boots to work each day it was so bad. The decline of old fashioned engineering has had at least one benefit.

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    Would that be T.R. emerger's or "traditional".
    That would be TR's polypropylene, shuttlcock emergers - a killing, highly visable and very durable, pattern.

    They also make excellent strike indicators (floats) when fishing buzzers in the New Zealand style.

    That reminds me, I must order some Airflo Tactical Copolymer. Nonsensical fishing terms.
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    There's more B.S. in fly fishing than there is in a Kansas feedlot - Lefty Kreh

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