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Thread: Favourite rod?

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    Sage Zxl for me I have the 4 and 5 weights in 86 an 9ft love them both, I prefer them to the much loved/talked about LL series. For large Stillwater work hard to beat the xp though I recently bought a z axis from the forum and it's getting a lot of use! Turning into a sage tackle tart...dont get me started on their reels!
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    Quote Originally Posted by richfish1 View Post
    Greys will win worst reel, surely? Favourite rod?

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    Greys GTXI 6’ 3# was my worst rod so that’s everything but the line now....

    Until recently my favourite was the Hardy Brook, recently discontinued. It’s beautifully presented, casts beautifully and handles small trout so well you don’t get fed up with them. I shall be selling it soon at the half price I paid for it. I’ve been through so many small stream rods I can now wittle down the quiver. You have to go there to know what your talking about of course.

    Amazingly, my most expensive rod by some margin is a keeper. 399 in the sales, an Orvis Helios2. It’s a skinny thing with that nice, mostly cork grip and it shoots a 2wt to the horizon if needed

    My five footer for those tiny streams is still a American blank from the Steffen Brothers that was decked out with beautiful accessories by a rod builder on here. I scraped the tip and chopped six inches off the butt to make a much improved rod from the six foot original...

    My last is a 6’ 1# Maxcatch. Bought on the back of looking for wading stick. About thirty quid with a matching line for seven quid. It makes me laugh at all the stuff I’ve been through to end up with a competent rod and line that I could have started off with. It’s not that simple of course. Small streams don’t put strains on the gear like lake Fishing for example and the cheap stuff I started with six years ago is not a patch on current stuff but from a personal point of view I’m well pleased China stole all that tech from America....
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    As I no longer fish stillwaters I can only mention my river and stream rods. For the Wharfe it's my Vision Cult #3 3pc @10'
    A better nymphing rod you will find hard to find. Soft enough to absob lunges of larger trout without snapping .008 tippet yet has enough backbone to swap over to dries. My other stream rod is going to be a surprise to some... Maxcatch 8'4" 4pc #3 Nano.
    As I become more familiar with it the more I like it, ideal for tight spaces and bow and arrow style fishing. It will fly a dry out yet remains supple enough for duo or indeed French leader style nymphing. I took it out on a section of river that is barely fished and kept very quiet and managed over 50 in a 4 hour session. Much of the river would have been impossible with the Cult such is the canopy.


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    Similarly but less expensively my current fave is the 8'4" Maxcatch Premier in a 3 weight, I'm just back from 2 weeks fishing the lakes in the Cambrian mountains and used it every day matched with a Rio line in preference to my Orvis rods, mainly because of its lighter line rating but also because I love its action. Decided to have a last cast with it yesterday morning and snapped the ****** by tripping over the leader, a replacement rod will set me back - or should I say it'll set the kids back, it's Fathers Day after all - 35.73 delivered.
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    Too many rods are favourites! Overall, I probably love my Sage Z-Axis 9 5wt the most. Just feels right. Honourable mentions to Redington CPS 10 7wt, Redington Link 9 4wt, Redington Voyant 9 6wt, and Vision Nite Catapult 10 5/6. All great rods Favourite rod?.

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