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    Default frustrating fickle but fun!

    heya guys

    just got back from a days fishing which was as the title says frustrating! I went to a place in Lincolnshire called Lakeside Fisheries near Ranskill for the first time (great place by the way) Weather was windy, warm and overcast with some bursts of sunshine and rain so changable to say the least. I fished for a while with nary a take trying everything from dry flies (some fish were showing occasionally), buzzers, hares ears, lures in fact just about everything i could think of, up in the water, midlevel and on the bottom but still nothing. All the while the guy a couple of pegs up is catching one after the other and must have ended up with 20 fish in 5 hours. I asked him what he was using and he showed me a big red dangly thing that I have since identified as a "leggy bloodworm". I have never seen this one (i am new to all this) and had nothing in my box that even remotely resembled it and so still continued to struggle on and find something the trout would take but to no avail! A bit later a lot of fish started rising so i moved onto using a dry fly on point with a couple of buzzer droppers and still nothing. I have read loads about identifying the type of flies the trout are taking by looking at the type of rise i.e are they sipping the flies, head and tailing or splashing and jumping out the water...problem was the pesky trout were doing all three, some were leaping 2ft clean out the water, some were sipping with hardly a ripple and some were cruising head and tailing. I even had 3 of them jump over the end of my rod!!!! I offered them just about every combination i had but all my dries, emergers and buzzers were ignored. I did finally manage to get one to take a small black buzzer but this was the only take i had even though there were 2 or 3 fish rising every minute or so. Clearly there was some sort of hatch on that the trout were preoccupied with but i could not see anything on the water or in the air! Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating...but fun......i think i have a lot to learn!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lee majors View Post
    heya guys

    I even had 3 of them jump over the end of my rod!!!!
    That is the trout way of giving the middle finger
    Your fish ----> ><((((> My fish ----> ><(((((((((>

    Cheers Danny

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