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    Default Re: Looking to start fly fishing

    Quote Originally Posted by roger h 10 View Post
    30-40 is the norm in this part of the country with very few exceptions and that is for 'normal' sized fish, big fish waters are double that. If you want to fish then there is no other choice than to pay it.
    Residents of Scotland and Wales are very fortunate in having access to a lot of very good fishing at very affordable prices including fishing for wild fish. The situation in the South of the country is very different unfortunately.
    Humbly I retract my comment! I didn't realise there was such a variation in prices and my eyes have been opened.

    At those prices, ditch the house, wife and job and move up near a free fishing highland loch. Cheaper in the long run ;-)

    I see the OP has not replied but I'll offer advice anyway as I'm also a complete novice.

    I used to exclusively bait fish canals and small lochs. When I first took an interest in fly fishing a few months ago and noticed people fly fishing my local river I was perplexed. I had in my mind fly fishing was for gentry in tweed wrestling large salmon out of the spey with a double handed rods and I know many of those with similar backgrounds think the same. But watching and speaking to these folk with their 6ft 3weight gear while I trotted a worm down the river, it opened a door for me.

    Start small. Small streams, small fish, small gear. It's quieter, you don't need to cast much distance, but you quickly learn to read the water and the flies and methods that work. Small wild fish fight hard and teach you a lot, and on light gear it is just as much fun .

    I find stocked fisheries a bit of a sealed off environment, the knowledge is very localised and from my limited experience it seems that the top rods are those who have the specific gen. Last weekend the guy who landed nine fish when all others blanked, he flicked the one killer fly into the water and stood like a statue until it was taken. Everyone else was tying on every fly in their possession, stripping, drifting, pulling lures and still blanking. I'm not sure the experience translates to the wider world that well. Dont get me wrong, lifting into a 5lb rainbow on a light rod is exhilarating but it only teaches you a limited amount.

    I wonder if there is a nearby small river that offers a season ticket? Even if at first it seems costly, adding up the cost of days at a fishery it may make more sense, and give you a sense of exploration and lack of pressure that will help you pick up the craft.

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    Default Re: Looking to start fly fishing

    Yep, those small stream wbt's sure can fight, I thought I had become weak through loss of muscle or something, I could feel the force of the run in my shoulder, the power of a half pounder on a light 2wt rod is unbelievable.
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    Default Re: Looking to start fly fishing


    I am fairly new to fly fishing and I am a member of a private lake for about 2 months. I was thinking that catching 2 fish is really easy too, but that might not be the case, especially in the warmer months! Give it a try

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    Default Re: Looking to start fly fishing

    I have just returned from my second fly fishing outing. Luckily in my neck of the woods a day (7am to sunset) is approximately half that of the OP with a six fish limit and C&R on your way to that.

    I had been thinking about fly fishing for a few years but like the OP the cost put me off. I have now finally bitten the bullet and invested in some gear. The thing to consider with prices is that the gear will not cost anything like a full coarse set up. So what you save in tackle cost you pay for in day ticket prices. I estimate that I have got started for around 200 and that is for two rods.

    I think though I would have been put off had the day ticket been 40-50 for two fish and no C&R, not that the limit is in danger from me at the moment. Two outings and just a roach and a perch to show for it, but that is the subject for another thread.

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    Default Re: Looking to start fly fishing

    I mostly fly fish for coarse fish. Pike, rudd and chub are a lot of fun too.

    Of course trout is great but I have to drive at least 1.5 hours to it and it is not cheap so I treat myself maybe once a month with trout fishery and otherwise go for coarse fish. Rudd on dry flies are really fun and they put up a solid fight on a light rod if they are bigger.

    Of course fly fishing for trout on a nice mountain river is the best but coarse fish is fun too. I basically gave up all my spin and live bait fishing for fly fishing, you can catch everything on a fly.

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