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    Default Re: 9 feet v 10 foot rods

    I bank fish and prefer a 10' rod, a 5# for dry and a 8# for everything else, at about 4oz they don't put much stress on the arm muscles and 10' gets me above the vegetation at the back and well past the weeds in the front. They're 4 piece so fit in the car boot nicely.

    I should add that I have small stream rods but haven't use them for a good few years.
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    Default Re: 9 feet v 10 foot rods

    Weight for weight a 9ft rod feels significantly lighter than a 10ft my go to rod for stillwaters is 9.6ft a good bit lighter than the 10ft but only slightly heavier than the 9ft.

    I've a 9.6ft 7wt and a 10ft 6# from the same maker the bottom blank on the 10ft 6# is heavier/thicker than the blank on the 9.6ft 7wt.


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