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    Default Fishtec Worse Customer Service Ever Experienced!!!!

    So after a bit of a busy year I finally got my Transit Connect LWB Camper Conversion together and headed off to Wales for a nice weekends fly fishing. Having recently only discovered the benefits of Czech Nymphing via youtube and not having enough time to order the Airflo Euro Nymph Line before I left I decided to pop by the Fishtec Brecon store in order to pick one up en-route. On arriving at the fishtec store I enquired about the line and was told that the line was not in store but was in the warehouse!!! The warehouse being in the next room.........
    However due to there being a stock take on Fishtec could not sell me the line I wanted!!!!
    The store manager said he could post the line to me after I explained that I was on holiday and hoped to pick up the line today......I'm trying to be helpful he told me. Obviously not grasping how sending me a fly line by post would be helpful. But its through that door !!! Nope sorry I'm not allowed to sell you the line.

    So thanks Fishtec for ruining my much appreciated fly fishing trip with your unhelpful customer service. Clearly subtracting one item from stock is way too complicated for your maths level.

    An email from the Fishtec customer service team just one hour later miracously told me that I could drive back to brecon and purchase the much wanted line as the stick take was now completed and they apologised as a stock take is a legal requirement.

    I for one wont be shopping at fishtec ever again

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    Default Re: Fishtec Worse Customer Service Ever Experienced!!!!

    As 5hit as Fishtec are I am not entirely sure you can blame them for ruining your whole trip over a fly line?

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    Default Fishtec Worse Customer Service Ever Experienced!!!!

    While its a simple thing to get you a line from "outback" the guys clearly didn't want to inconvenience the guys doing the stock check. Annoying yes from your point of view, but also understandable. Can debate the should could of etc until the cows come home. Customer service etc is something you perceive that they wronged you. It's your opinion that counts.

    So the next thing, mmm most guys I know who czech nymph don't use the fly line... Just a czech leader thats pretty much all you need. So wouldnt have let that "ruin" your trip.

    In fact the fly line is only to conform to comp rules as frankly been told 20 m of 8 lb mono does a better job! But it's not allowed else they would use that rather than fly line for czech nymphing that is.

    Each to their own of course. A 9m hends leader works very well and generally most of my casts are under 13 ft away from the tip of my rod to the point fly.

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    Default Re: Fishtec Worse Customer Service Ever Experienced!!!!

    I know we need to encourage a younger audience to fly fishing but I just don't think millenials will cope with the stress

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    Default Re: Fishtec Worse Customer Service Ever Experienced!!!!

    I take the point on "Fishtec" and bad service, as I had a similar experience at Brecon. They would not serve me, but promised to send the items asked for by post ? Too similar.
    My response is not to use Fishtec or their products. If more did this then maybe their attitude would change (at Brecon).

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    Default Re: Fishtec Worse Customer Service Ever Experienced!!!!

    Maybe you should have popped along to sports fish not to far from Brecon
    where they stock most of what Fishtec sell noticed that when you phone them you ask a question you are charged a premium call rate
    but think they make a few good lines now from reports on here

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    Default Re: Fishtec Worse Customer Service Ever Experienced!!!!

    Okay probably didn't ruin my whole trip and yes there are other ways to do it but I had bought the whole kit for Euro Nymph and really wanted to give it a proper go whilst away and it did put me in a bad mood. Just canmot understand why a company feels it can treat its potential customers poorly. An email claimed that a stock take was a legal requirement which is complete twaddle whilst it is requi4ed for certain forms of accounting and is advisable for shops it has no legal requirement to the extent that a customer looking for a specific product could not be helped. I work with controlled drugs and have to do a daily check as a legal requirement and even we could give out a tablet as required during that stock check its just a simple case of subtracting one item.

    In terms of alternative ways of doing would you completely negate the fly line and just Tie mono to the backing. I had a 3wt Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor ready to go. I did purchase the Rio Euro Nymph leader in sportfish reading en route but wanted the airflo line which is substantially cheaper than the Rio line but sportfish dont stock airflo anymore

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