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    Default collecting fishing kit

    Over the years my fishing kit has just been purchased to use, it had a purpose.

    Recently i have taken to
    browsing and buying rods just to add to a collection. I like finding (tracking down) the rare mint condition items.

    Will i ever use them ?
    Maybe but not in anger.

    Will my wife become rich when i depart this earth...... no

    Hardy stuff seems popular,

    What do you collect and why?
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    Default Re: collecting fishing kit

    Not any more, if I lose or break a spanner I replace it, same with fishing tackle, it's only a tool designed to do a job and a better/newer one will be along any moment now.
    Nostalgia is all well and good but it can be expensive, just like any obsession.
    Once I no longer have any use for something I get rid of it.

    Signed; a reformed hoarder.

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    Default Re: collecting fishing kit

    I only buy to use or to replace if I think it's needed. I do have 3 rods not used very much, 2 because they are 2 piece rods with one of them being over 35 years which I bought new. The 3rd is because I don't do much of the method these days that I bought it for.
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    Default Re: collecting fishing kit

    I have a troublesome addiction to collecting Abel reels (troublesome for my wallet more than anything). I've got about 11 now, but only just recently bought one brand new - all of the others have been second hand purchases. I've repaired and serviced so many Abels through work now that I feel more than comfortable buying second hand with confidence that I can bring them back up to good condition if they're a little worse for wear! They're the kind of reel that retain value for a long time as well, considering the designs have changed so little over their years of production. I love every one that I have, but if it ever came to selling one I've no doubt I'd be able to get a fair amount back on them.

    I don't know what it is about them...I think it's that they seem to blend form and function perfectly so you end up with a good looking reel that works well and lasts a lifetime!
    'Maybe your stature as a fly fisherman isn't determined by how big a trout you can catch, but by how small a trout you can catch without being disappointed.' - John Gierach

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    Default collecting fishing kit

    The problem with abels is if they get lost or stolen.....from a car. Cant see the insurance company saying mmm car with 2 grand fishing tackle worth 5 and paying out.

    They are good reels but in fairness they have had to go lighter models due to competition from other companies so not sure the timeless design thing holds water...

    Loomis, old orvis rods, Thomas and Thomas all can be found used at a price from time to time.

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    Default Re: collecting fishing kit

    I’m de-cluttering .

    This year , I’ve sold a Marksman 2 #5 to Canada , an unused TFO 3wt , a 3:4 Nautilus Reel , a couple of fabulous under rated Pflueger President 7:8 and a load of specialised big game trolling equipment . All gone because they hadn’t seen daylight for a while

    I’m making my mind up on a couple of other rods .

    The charity shop has had tons of various hobby gear , wardrobes full of stuff I had for work and will never wear again .

    The trick as I get older is to get ruthless , buy quality , buy only what I need , use it to death , extract value from it. Inanimate objects that I don’t use don’t make me any happier to keep in volume .

    I’d rather spend the cash , shooting , fishing ( if the rain ever stops ) eating out , treating my closest family than collecting anything .

    Less is More ��

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    Default Re: collecting fishing kit

    Not purchased a rod since 2013, as this was the year I retired, a Tachyon from Atom-Six was all that was missing. Now a happy chappie that loves fishing (as if I didn't)...
    2019 & it will be time for a change.

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    Default Re: collecting fishing kit

    I’m very grateful for the fact that I don’t collect and don’t hoard. I find it therapeutic to let things go.

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    Default Re: collecting fishing kit

    Flies for me. I seem to be collecting them even though i end up using the same half a dozen or so patterns

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    Default Re: collecting fishing kit

    Ross reels for me, love them! Especially the first evolutions and maybe soon an Abel TR series as Ive never owned an Abel and quite fancy one.

    Glass rods too, have four or five now and just reserved an ijuin hard para red blank for a build in the new year!

    How can you not love glass on a small stream!

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