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    Go Every year where can you go and have a day out with plenty to see and do for 20quid.

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    it is a great day out but with the admission, petrol, hotel, food drink and then what you spend at the fair its best i dont go every year. the admission fee is not the problem its the refreshments and the local hotels seem to double in price for that weekend. this year i will just go fishing. jon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anjinsan View Post
    I would like your opinions on the game fair.
    Having never attended an event like this before, I'm toying with the idea of going this year.
    To be honest I have little interest in guns, gun dogs etc, so I would only be attending for the fishing village.

    Is the admission price worth it, what I mean is and please don't take this the wrong way.I would be purchasing the family ticket at a cost of 50.00.
    Would I be paying this to basicly walk round a giant outdoor shop, Tescos don't charge me to have a walk round.

    Or am I missing something.

    Just been, bottom line...its a waste of . Last time I was there it was over 10yrs ago and it hasn't improved much. There are no bargains. Its cheaper to buy fishing gear in shops, so save your 15 entrance fee or 50 (for family)and go fishing with it. The gate fee is waaaay too much.

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    Default Pretty poor!

    Just back from the Scottish Game fair and I have to say it was a bit of a let down!

    No offence to Ally Gowans and James Tomlinson their display work was very enjoyable and I hope to have learned some thing from them today and for that I am greatful!

    Today I expected to see some of the manufacturers and hoped to get to try out some of their gear rods etc though this just wasn't available the only fishing manufacturer to be seen were Orvis who sponsored the fishing demo's and tuition sessions. Perhaps Orvis sponsorship gave them sole rights to the show I don't know? I found myself wondering around the show saying to myself "is this it"?

    I found that the stalls on fishermans row to be overpriced to the point I refused to treat myself and came home without making a single purchase to the amazement of my dear wife!

    What I would say is if you were a bit of a country bumpkin and a bit of an allrounder and like shooting and dogs aswell as the fishing you may well feel the 15 justified otherwise get out for a days fishing you'll probably get more satisfaction!

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