Guidlelines for uploading photos into our Gallery

* The fly fishing forums gallery allows you to store up to 10Mb of photographs.

* Once in the gallery you can use the link provided to also show the photos in your forum posts.

* The allowable image types are: jpg, jpeg, png or gif

* Uploaded photographs will be automatically reduced to 990 pixels wide if they are larger than this, otherwise they will remain the original size.

* Typically a photograph designed for web viewing is normally 50Kb in size or less. The fly forums gallery allows you to upload file sizes up to 100kb which means you may need to web-optimize your photographs before you upload.

To optimize use Adobe Photoshop or other photo editing software, or an online service like: or for bigger photographs.

We find an image quality of ‘40’ as the best compromise between quality and loading speed.

* To delete a photograph then Click Photo Options and choose the Edit Photo. Delete is one of the options in there.