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Thread: Hi all.

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    Default Hi all.

    I am a returning member after several years absence due to taking up Sea Fishing.
    I would like to get back to fly fishing again so I thought this forum would be a good place to re-acquaint myself and perhaps pick up some tips.
    I tried a few practice casts the other day and realised just how bad it had become after years of beach casting, so I think a few casting lessons need to be booked.
    I'm looking at fishing small stillwaters to begin with so will probably try Marton Heath and Westlow Mere to start with as they are closest to where I live.
    I'm also looking forward to chatting with people on here.
    “Give a man a fish and he has food for a day; teach him how to fish and you can get rid of him for the entire weekend.”

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    Default Re: Hi all.

    A warm welcome back to the forum Shorty
    Yes, I do heartily repent. I repent I had not done more mischief; and that we did not cut the throats of them that took us, and I am extremely sorry that you aren't hanged as well as we.

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    Default Re: Hi all.

    Welcome back Shorty.
    Grandad Noel

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    Default Re: Hi all.

    Welcome shorty49.
    Sea fishing indeed, at least you could have tried fly fishing the salt.
    Seriously, welcome be back to fly fishing and getting some casting refreshers is the way to go. Hope you enjoyment and have success in round two.
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    Default Re: Hi all.

    Welcome back to both venues. Look forward to you updating us on your progress.
    2019 & it will be time for a change.

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    Default Re: Hi all.

    Yey and The repentant man is welcomed back - good luck and well done

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