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    Oliver Edwards essential skills.

    Most of them are available on Youtube
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    Barrio fly-lines;

    It looks like they are all sold out except for the GT125...
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    Spare parts

    Hi Paul, I have bought many rods and reels from the shop, they have always given a really good discount and customer service has been excellent. As I said, I think it's a real shame but maybe not such a surprise.
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    Spare parts

    I spoke to a member of staff in the shop yesterday, it's current opening hours are Wed-Sat 9 - 5. They have a facebook page 'The Compleat Angler' which you can also use to contact them. It is only open another 3 weeks then closes altogether (the whole building). The store will relocate to a shop...
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    Spare parts

    Call the shop - The Compleat Angler, seems all enquiries go through them, 01665 510027
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    Buoyant net for river fishing Glen Pointon - catch and release river net gets excellent reviews.
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    Looking to join a fly fishing club

    Penrith Anglers in Cumbria has a good variety of water with 42 miles of fishing on the Rivers Eden, Eamont, Lowther and Petterill. Annual subs are £120....
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    Help - broken reel in reel seat

    Any chance you could use a small hacksaw and cut a slot in the small section that appears to be protruding. You could then carefully chase it out with a flat screwdriver?
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    Is it all about the numbers???

    That's a beautiful part of Yorkshire with some excellent fishing. I hailed from the Leeds area but have lived in Cumbria at the side of the Eden now for 17 years, also beautiful countryside and, like you it seems, I enjoy the day out and the scenery just as much if I only catch 1 fish. It's...
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    Dry fly pre-treatment

    Another vote for mucilin, just dip the fly in and leave it to dry.
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    short line nymphing indicator lines

    HI, I got 10lb, 100yd spool cost £8.79 inc postage.
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    short line nymphing indicator lines

    I bought Stren Gold from the US on Amazon, took about 2 weeks if I remember correctly.
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    Welcome to the forum Tony. I'm sure you will discover it to be a rewarding experience and one where if you ask for help on anything you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of members genuinely happy to offer help and advice. Tight Lines Chris
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    Salmon fly casting tuition in Lancashire / Cumbria

    Clive Mitchelhill and Geoff Johnston are both excellent....