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    Dries working well.

    Yes,It was very enjoyable.Well done.I had the grunters ready,but did not need them:giggle:. Jim
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    Where is ‘Chicken Legs’ on Menteith?

    So True Jim. Jim
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    First timer…

    WEelcome to the Forum.Enjoy the Journey. Jim
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    Where is ‘Chicken Legs’ on Menteith?

    Still at the Malling shore. dries for me.Till the arrival of the curse at 9.,15 Jim
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    Where is ‘Chicken Legs’ on Menteith?

    Right hand side of the butts before you turn left at arnmach point. Jim
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    Dries working well.

    Well done. Jim
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    Dries working well.

    On the lake today.10 on dry daddies.+ missed 10+ Very enjoyable day. Jim
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    My first build, Bloke XGNP 10ft 7wt

    The XL 50 blank is a great fishing rod..that is quite fast.and throws a long line.but is v-good playing fish. Jim
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    US Striped Bass numbers

    I read somwhere that scientist were thinking that the recovery of the Stripped bass numbers were severly impacting on east coast smolt shoals.resulting in the reduction of returning Atlantic Salmon . Jim
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    Best fish of day.LOM 11/6

    So that was you.I remember getting a wave from a boat,and thinking ''who was that'' we had plenty of Mayfly landing in the boat.There was a good head of fish at Sams point.but it was very exposed.. Jim
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    Lumber support wading belt: Opinions/recommendations?

    I bought the Simms Back Magic belt.but it did not fit well with the fuller figure o_O. Jim
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    Best fish of day.LOM 11/6

    Cheers Rob,Fast glass ,Candy booby on point stripped fast through the waves.(y). Jim
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    RIP David Bell

    I am saddened to hear of the passing of a good friend David Bell.A well known Character in the fishing world.Especially in Scotland.He worked in the development department of Daiwa Uk for many years.and was a 1st class casting instructor in both Trout and Salmon diciplines.He will be sadly...
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    Best fish of day.LOM 11/6

    Had a really good day on lake.just a tad breezy.this was the best of the day.5lb plus. Jim
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Vague is the word that comes to mind. Jim