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    In the News...

    No disrespect to the deck chair float watchers, but Fly Fishing? it aint. regards Bert
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    Where do you carry yours?

    Do you mean where do you carry the dreaded last rites implement? Only carry it when I know I must do the deed. Most of the time its not with me. If it is, its in a pocket of my wading vest. regards Bert
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    wood pigeon wings

    Make good slow cooked casserole, mixed with carrots onions and blueberries! regards Bert
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    Storm coming/Finicky fish.

    Undoubtebly! However, "nice" might not be the right word to describe said viewing.! Regards Bert
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    Storm coming/Finicky fish.

    The Samba type rythmm is braw, as are those young things that do it. But I still cant dance! regards Bert
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    Storm coming/Finicky fish.

    Had sheet lightning for 4 or 5 hours up here. Intermittent down pours, but wow what downpours! Seems we had all of Augusts and Septembers rain in a couple of hours. Reminded me of the many nights I have spent in Cuba, same kind of Lightning storms, same heavy rain, same humidity, Carribean...
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    Storm coming/Finicky fish.

    Is that not wot he said? regards Bert
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    August caption competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Up to my nuts in guts. regards Bert (I will now get my coat!)
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    Are Rio having a laugh?

    Call a spade a spade eeh! regards Bert
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    Lake of Menteith

    Thought you had a haircut and shaved?? regards Bert
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    Using boats to fly fish.

    Only if Deep Blue is around! regards Bert
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    Anyone fish streamers for salmon?

    Then that will mean the catch returns for the beats are kept up for the "sporting anglers" paying next years rent! regards Bert
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    Beavers - benefits for your rivers and streams

    You would be correct if the people whom had given the effects of dams on the catchment, to the pre introduction study, were trying to 'forcibly' give personal opinion. But they were not. It was factual dissemination of said effects, gleaned from many papers research around the world on said...
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    Storm coming/Finicky fish.

    Been electrifying here since 11pm. Very bright flashes of sheet lightning, odd thunder clap. Is a wonderous sight! No heavy rain though. regards Bert