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    Almost Anything Goes

    Yep, is same bridge, enlarge the wiki image you referenced, and you will see why.
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    Lumber support wading belt: Opinions/recommendations?

    Must add, my original Simms is not velcro, is clip buckle type. This is the version.
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    Lumber support wading belt: Opinions/recommendations?

    Have one of the original Simms lumbar support belts, purchased sometime late 90's. Have had a lower vertebrae issue since my mid 20's Is great, keeps me straight, and probably more important supports lower spine and keeps it warm. Surprised at Jims comment, as I have "fuller figure" too, and...
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    Report bad ads here

    Big smillie there then. Tax deductable business expenses spring to mind
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    Report bad ads here

    I dont run it. But given is an off shoot of a sales business, might just be a "lost leader"
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    Report bad ads here

    Except the adds!
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    Report bad ads here

    Everyone should use adblocker ultimate. No adds, no scammers. At least use adblocker for a few weeks anyway. Would soon focus minds on what adds are acceptable, and those that are just a plain pain.
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    Correct way.?

    Fish barbless. Get the fish into side so you can see it/photo it still in water. Release the pressure on rod, let loose some line allowing total slack, 9 times out of 10, fish will self release under slack line. 10 th time? frying pan!
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    Your opinions on this?

    Cripes S, thats a skinny bloke for September, anywhere!
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    Your opinions on this?

    No, he means bandy. Description of small trout, term used a lot in Scotland.
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    Join Our Team

    Bit of a shame that Knowledge of the area was never mentioned in the required criteria for employment. Would be good if someone with knowledge of area got the job.
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    Your opinions on this?

    Yeah, ok, but the title, and most of the commentary is just pure marketing blurb. You know, best rod ever, best line ever, that sort of shitz! Good luck to him and his business, but best, sorry "finest" trout stream in England? Hmmm.
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    Best fish of day.LOM 11/6

    Defo on the "plus" side of 5lbs Jim. Good fish. Wind we had this side of country would have kept most boats in!
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    General Nature Photos

    That last one looks like a Redpoll, very heavy red markings, not many like that about! Lesser?
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    Where to buy?

    Barbless flies do very good quality, true to pattern, wets and sea trout patterns. Some of the "sets" of said flies are the best I have come across, and used. Next on list for wets would be Fulling Mill. For lures and "specials" Dave Downie produces some of the best out there.