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    Guideline Elevation 9ft 9in 6 weight

    Guideline Elevation 9ft 9in for a 6 weight line. Used once,as new condition £160 posted. Paypal payment please.
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    Vision Nymphmaniac 10ft 3 weight SOLD

    Vision Nymphmaniac 10ft 3 weight, this is as new as i have not got to use it. Still has cellophane on the handle, no rod bag as it stores in the tube. Rod now sold, thanks.
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    What makes us happy..

    My family and friends make me happy, probably taken a little for granted when i was younger, but now i really cherish them all. Good health of course is a blessing i have at the moment, but I drive for a pharmacy so i see so many people who unfortunately are not so lucky. I consider myself...
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    Worth the Effort.

    Great way to finish a session Jim. Lovely silver fish. Steve
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    stripped peacock eyes

    Thanks for the replies lads. I have tried everything that’s been suggested but it’s impossible to use. I can only imagine it’s been in the chemical too long, and a bad batch. Will be preparing my own from now on. steve
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    stripped peacock eyes

    Cheers lads, i have tried water, but will try the hand cream and see how i get on. Do you think it could be the chemical process making them so thin and brittle, do you lads strip your own with a rubber or your nails? Steve
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    stripped peacock eyes

    Hi all, i bought a chemically stripped peacock eye to tie some dry flys. I can't use the fibres at all, everyone breaks with no tension. I have tried soaking some overnight without any improvement. Is there a way to make these usable, they do seem very thin and brittle. Steve
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    It was my birthday yesterday, i got a really nice Orvis wax cotton cap. so I'm ready for any rain we might get, can't come soon enough. Steve
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    Bison wading boots mk2

    Thanks lads, the Decathlon boots look interesting, i do usually have felt soles with studs as i wade mostly over slippery rocks.. Steve
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    Bison wading boots mk2

    Hi all, i need to buy a cheap pair of wading boots. I always try to take a spare pair when i go on a trip away for a few days. I was looking at the MK2 Bison boots on line, has anyone used these? I take a size 10 shoe, what size should i go for? It says to go one size up, but I've heard they...
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    Polarised sunnies on a tight budget..

    Have a look at Bloc sunglasses, i buy mine off Ebay, about £30. The Hornet ones are good, polarised, and seem to be pretty scratch resistant. Im rough with sunglasses, and these seem to work well without breaking the bank. I once had a very expensive pair of prescription sun glasses fall in the...
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    Hope mine are some old stock then, haven't used them in a boat yet but been good in the rain. Steve
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    I got myself a pair of Flexothane trousers recently off Ebay, just over £20. I do have some Gortex trousers but was finding them a pain to keep clean with all the mud we have around at the moment. I have been really pleased with the Flexothane, and they fit well not baggy like some others i have...
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    Split-Cane rods;

    Thats a stunning rod Jason, Luke did a great job. Non of my rods have the clear wraps, but i think they look great. Steve
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    Split-Cane rods;

    I stripped back and rebuilt a 7ft Precision rod a few years ago, the blank was in brilliant order and dead straight. I can't recall it having intermediates, which made the job easier. It was a fast actioned 4/5 weight, which i eventually sold on. These were some of the better rods made in...