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    Hybrid or Sport?

    dont think the feeder is a Dunnock
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    Baked Boobie Eyes?

    No but slip down easier !!
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    Premiership Rugby

    Why do you dislike Leicester?????
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    Saint George's Day

    Not in Ashby del la Zouch
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    Own up?

    I got up Saturday changed the clock in the kitchen was getting Sunday lunch ready when the wife walked in from the shops with a pork pie for Saturday tea .
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    6 Nations , Gateway to the trout season

    Rees zammet will have no problem leaving Elliot Daley floundering.
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    Damsel Nymph or Lure?

    someone told me Fastmail tackle sold them.
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    Quill nymphs - can you get a sexier fly body?

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    Where have all the birds gone.

    A well laid hedge will in a couple of seasons not only be fairly stock proof but will be a great habitat for all sorts a wild life,and need litle attention for 6 or 7 years .
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    Where have all the birds gone.

    absolute shite, a autumn laid hedge if done properly can have nests the following season and most certainly the next.
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    Take your point Glueman,no problem for me i will be at home trying to stay alive until i get the jab.