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    Aquascaping/planted aquariums reef tanks

    Anyone into running high tech planted tanks or low tech planted tanks? Or even fish keeping in general?
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    The far away game

    Same for me. Whenever I've stalked a fish (mainly Stillwater) I feel I've cheated, silly really. But I do like to wang a line out😂
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    Farmoor res ????

    Thank you tenet. Appreciate the help 👍
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    Farmoor res ????

    Thank you. Is the shop open as well?
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    Farmoor res ????

    Anyone know the sp on farmoor? Do you still have to prebook? They haven't updated the Facebook page in ages any info appreciated.
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    New fishing program on BBC2

    Tench fishing tonight. Getting up at the crack of dawn,peacock quill floats. Tin of sweet corn.Enduring image isn’t it wasn’t it.
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    Hypothetical Question

    Poaching.* I would take up poaching I think. Sean * this post in no way condones poaching. Any reference to poaching is based on hypothetical poaching. No real poaching would be taking place.
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    Qing Ya Xi

    Well in Brazil. They just call them nuts😏
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    Qing Ya Xi

    That'll be because it kind of is a Japanese word. It was a province in Japan. Had a whole rebellion thing as well. That film The last Samurai is loosely based on the Satsuma Rebellion. Oddly though a Satsuma is called a Mikan in Nihongo as the locals call Japanese. Did all that off the top of me...
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    How far would you travel for a day session?

    I was once married to a dreadful woman who hated me fishing. Couldn't stand me taking our son out with me either. So to answer your question "How far would you travel" Hell and back is my answer. Sean
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    Please, no trout photos.

    A E Hobbs Trout of the Thames. The Thames has a bit more to it than that bit in taut there London. You could spend two lifetimes trying fish it all. Healthy population of trout. I've heard of salmon being caught as parr as well. Not saying where though. Sean
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    Please, no trout photos.

    Indeed nettles indeed. Gods nasty flower as its called around these parts. Said in hushed tones in case he's listening. Sean
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    Please, no trout photos.

    Drawing is acceptable only in red crayon though. For obvious reasons.
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    Please, no trout photos.

    Top tip! Avoid taking pictures of captured fish by simply remembering them. It's quite simple you just need to remember catching the fish by using the power of memory. Works on other stuff as well. I'm currently remembering a brief encounter I had with a lady behind one of those electricity...
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    Homemade Balsa wooden lure PART 2 - "The Attila Fat Minnow"

    Superb. Little works of art. What do you fish for with those in Peru. Don't know much about Peru, apart from Paddington Bear came from there. Sean