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    Best dry fly rod

    I have had a Sage RPL+ 9ft 5-weight for 25 years; it was the first “expensive” rod I bought. It’s a lovely versatile rod that has caught me a LOT of trout over the years but I use it for wets and the occasional nymphs. It is fine (in my opinion) for dries but I prefer the softer action of the...
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    Best dry fly rod

    If the wind is light, my original Orvis Helios 8’4” mid-flex 3-weight is a dream to use with small dries - and can cast accurately surprisingly far. A bit more wind and my Hardy Demon Smuggler 4-weight is another joy (my go-to rod and the one I would keep if only allowed one rod). Too windy for...
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    Can you recommend a line for dries please.

    A friend has this rod and uses an Orvis Trout floating line (#5) that works very well. These lines are often on sale at this time of the year. Someone will be along shortly to recommend a Maxcatch :) for a fraction of the Orvis price!
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    9ft travel fly rod recomendations

    Agree with Sean re the Hardy Demon Smuggler - except I have not managed to snap mine in 3 seasons of hard use :) It has become my “go-to” rod and I have plenty to choose from!
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    Sage reel handle knob problem

    Guide were very helpful when I had a reel problem although the spare part had to come from the USA - but it did not take long and was not expensive.
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    Travelling up to Scotland in a lockdown

    I live on the Black Isle and we have a massive number of people from all over the UK visiting to view the dolphins and to stay in the 2 large campsites (and to “wild” camp) yet - touch wood - we have got off very lightly on the CV19 front. Perhaps because there is very little mingling indoors by...
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    Birthday Honours 2020

    Anyone can submit a nominatation - and if there have not been awards for the sport recently that helps. Multiple successes at national level, international even better, plus some charitable work would get you past the first sift then the national body would probably be consulted. But if no one...
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    Aldi battery chargers are in tomorrow 17/10/2013

    Lidl are selling the latest version of genuine Ctek chargers that automatically adjusts the charging cycle to the battery type. Down to £64 (if I remember correctly). Much more expensive but my garage advise using only the likes of the new Ctek for my car with an AGM battery for stop/start...
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    Polaroid overglasses

    I collected my prescription Maui Jims this morning (same prescription as my Zeiss lens ordinary glasses), and we actually had some sun for me to try them. First impressions are of brilliant clarity. Into the direction of the sun I don’t notice much, some but not much, improvement over my...
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    Polaroid overglasses

    × These are what I use, and they are very good - better than any other overframe I have tried and excellent for seeing fish. However, as I mentioned above, if the sun is from the side you can get annoying reflections between the lenses that makes things hazy.
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    Polaroid overglasses

    I have experimented with clip-on and over glass sunglasses with most ok or very good when facing the sun. However, if the sun is to one side I find I get dazzling glare or reflections. So I have bitten the bullet and ordered prescription Maui Jims; but I very much hope my prescription does not...
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    Wet Weather Gear.

    I spent about 15 years working on a creel boat where you can get seriously wet! I ended up wearing Helly Hanson jackets and trousers (now I think called Voss as mentioned by Tangled and about £80 for both) bought from HIS Inverness. These are lightweight “oilies” so no reproofing required and it...
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    Midge Armageddon!

    × Understood. All year there are small groups (never more than 20) of resident geese flying around this area and feeding in fields. In this case, the large field was covered with many many hundreds of geese. I was driving and too far away positively to identify the species but this number had...
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    Midge Armageddon!

    × There was a field full of them next to the Black Isle showground a week last Monday. Waiting for the farmers to harvest their crops :)
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    Midge Armageddon!

    That’s because they are all in the central Highlands :( Still really bad. Roll on a frost.