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    Are Rio having a laugh?

    I was fishing a remote Highland loch today with a Tom Morgan rod, a Sage Click reel and a Scientific Anglers Amplitude line. By no means do I claim to be an expert angler but as I effortlessly cast beautiful loops with my dry fly floating gently down to the surface, I was absolutely happy. Worth...
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    Some years ago I had season tickets for both Grafham and Rutland. I liked Rutland and (after a lesson from an excellent guide) had some very good sport there with dries. However, while I would rarely blank on Grafham it was not at all unusual on Rutland especially in warmer weather. Sorry to...
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    Harlaw reservoir, campers and litterbugs

    It is not I disagree with you, but the problem with this approach is that the offenders are often in large groups and aggressive when their "rights" to do as they please are questioned. I would not like to be the civilian warden who had to confront them. There are lots of complaints from...
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    Assynt in September

    It has got MUCH busier up here in the last 2 weeks.
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    Hill Loch Flat Calm - Nymphs ?

    If I have to forego dries and fish below the surface my first choice is a gold ribbed hare’s ear.
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    Hardy Demon - original v sintrix version

    × I bank fish Highland hill lochs. The current model Smuggler 8ft #4 is my favourite rod - and it is also the cheapest :)
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    Big Brook Trout

    Don’t forget Sean that many of the places that have big Brookies also have giant midges - and lot of them :)
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    My New Atomsix 7wt

    Steve sent me a rod to try. Could not have been more helpful, and did not seem the least bit fazed when I decided not to buy only because I already had similar rods.
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    Tippet for small dry flies for wary trout.

    Although I have been fishing for trout only for nearly 60 years and not since Queen Victoria’s Coronation, I thought Boisker deserved an explanation as to why I thought it mattered, as I earlier posted, to sink the tippet for my style of fishing. I tend to bank fish the same small crystal-clear...
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    Tippet for small dry flies for wary trout.

    50 years of experience has taught me the same.
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    Advice please on Wading Boots

    I’m very happy with my Orvis Ultralight boots. Only used them one season but no sign of any wear.
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    Rio Powerflex Plus Tippet snapping

    I was very happy with FH until I had 2 spools that were absolutely rotten; just snapped with the slightest pull. They were bought from either Sportfish or GAC so should not have been old stock. I have just checked and I have plenty of tippet to last this season but I will try it again next year...
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    Rio Powerflex Plus Tippet snapping

    No, but I will. Thank you.
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    Rio Powerflex Plus Tippet snapping

    I have been using Powerflex Plus for a while after I had exactly the same problem with Frogs Hair as the OP has had with his Powerflex. Previously, the FH had been very reliable and I liked it a lot. I wonder if in the lighter weights (I usually fish 3lb and 4lb) it is inevitable given the...
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    Hotels and deposits

    My sister was in NZ on holiday when CV hit and her return flight was cancelled. Her airline might, eventually, return her about £200 from her £1100 total fare. An alternative flight home cost over £1000 but her insurance company (not a cheap policy) says although she had flight cancellation...