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    Black Emerger

    I'm not surprised. My kind of fly and nice tying.
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    Is it all about the numbers???

    Every time I go fishing I enjoy myself. If I catch 1 it's a great day fishing. If I don't catch any, it's a great day fishing.
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    Understanding Carbon Trout Rods

    I knew that.😉
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    JC Alexandra.

    I concur.Nicely done. We'll never know why the original dressing was so successful, that it was banned on many waters but I doubt if it was the goose boots.
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    Steelfin Spectre 4/5 fly reel.

    Thanks a lot guys. Much appreciated. This forum is still "THE" forum. atr
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    Steelfin Spectre 4/5 fly reel.

    No smoke without fire.Thought you might have a swatch at it Colin.It has a shiny
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    Steelfin Spectre 4/5 fly reel.

    Thanks Stephen. I presume an aficionado such as your good self has used one?
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    Steelfin Spectre 4/5 fly reel.

    Thank you for the reply William,much appreciated. The reel is in excellent condition so maybe a keeper?
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    Steelfin Spectre 4/5 fly reel.

    Made in Germany but alas no longer in business. Your thoughts please on quality,value,collectability?
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    Man Cave

    I'm going to teach the missus how to tie flies. Then she can tie them for me when I can't be a***d. Just dreaming. I
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    Fly Reel

    Push the boat out a little further bud and get a Grey's QRS 5/6 - 7/8.Good reel,great concept.
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    Greys Oliver Edwards Riffle Nympher

    Yep.I've had one of those. I was not in love with it G but regret selling it on, simply because it had the great man's name on it.I felt it had a soft tip action that didn't flex enough down the rest of the blank. atr.
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    Your life in fly rods - how many can you remember?

    I've never had or tried a Burkenheimer.
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    Sonik Fly Rods & Reels

    It will. Had one myself.
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    Is it ok....?

    Take a razor blade for your wrists. You can thank me later for this small bit of advice. Well,maybe not .