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    What makes us happy..

    I asked my missus if I was the only one she'd ever been with and she said yes. That made me very happy. Then she said all the rest were nines and tens.
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    What did you tie today?

    Suppose these don't really qualify as tied last night but they're doing quite well on a local stillwater.Over the years I've realised that I spend to much time tying flies when I should have been fishing them.
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    Reservoir box in progress

    Where are those 3 inch squirmy wormy things that you showed me? The ones that the purists use under a bung.LOL. Nice box of flies Scott.
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    Red JC Diawl Bach

    Very neat Scott.
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    For the river I fish now.

    I tie a similar fly. Only difference is I usually trim the hackle on the bottom. Just sits better in the water and no need to give it a tug to get it to do so. Tight lines.
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    UV resin

    Deer creek UV, job done,but at nearly £15 for a small bottle, use sparingly. P.S that's the Scottish half of me coming out.
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    Steelfin Spectra #4/5

    As I'm no longer able to fish rivers I would like to swap my Steelfin Spectra #4/5 for a decent 10'#7.The reel is excellent condition and comes with a wf5f line and pouch.The line will need a stretch as it hasn't been used in a while but it to is in decent nick. Quite a...
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    Ye Olde Enigma EM-G Rods.

    That's how I remember the rod. 👍
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    What am I doing wrong.

    And I'm 1.Thats 100 per cent better!LOL
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    Wychwood Drift 11ft#3 for swap.(deal done, pending)

    Wychwood Drift 11 ft #3 in as new never used condition. Includes a new wf3f line.Looking for a 10ft#7 in good condition. WHY. Doesn't have to be anything special. Thanks in advance atr
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    Nicest looking reel

    Opinions guys. Nice or ott? Don't know if this reel has any rarity value. Had quotes from £250 to £300 plus. Thanks for looking.
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    Euro nymphing on rocky rivers

    Did it "snatch" at your fly?🤪
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    Black Emerger

    I'm not surprised. My kind of fly and nice tying.
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    Is it all about the numbers???

    Every time I go fishing I enjoy myself. If I catch 1 it's a great day fishing. If I don't catch any, it's a great day fishing.
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    Understanding Carbon Trout Rods

    I knew that.😉