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    Freestyle classic

    Excellent tying Grahame. The body on this fly is exceptional. Glad to see you back at it. Is that a John Saxton hook? Cheers, Sebastian
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    UV advice

    Tried most of well known brands and Deer Creek is the best in my opinion. Cheers, Sebastian ×
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    Splitting Threads

    Any threads will split well (in my opinion). It’s just that twisted threads like Uni need untwisted before splitting. I use Uni thread for most of my tying and split it on regular basis and never had any issues. Flat threads like UTC are, of course, easier to split. Saying that, I never tried...
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    Hook recommendations

    If you’re after a jig hook, then I would suggest Hanak 450BL. In my opinion the best one there is. Really strong for the wire thickness and you won’t lose many fish. Not the cheapest but in my opinion worth every penny. If you don’t want a jig hook than try Hanak 200BL. It’s a wet fly/still...
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    You can try loch Ba. Plenty of feisty trout in it (and as far as I am aware) you can fish it without a permit. Cheers, Sebastian
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    The onnly two nymphs that you will ever need

    Tasty looking nymphs ct1642 Whether I agree or disagree with your statement will depend on whether by saying “its no secret that these two are the cornerstone of the nymphing world” you mean these two specific nymphs, or the general idea of hare’s ear and pheasant tail as main tying material...
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    Supa Dupa Pupa

    Very nice nickthomas. Quite unusual. I gather that the translucent material wrapped around the hook bend at the bottom is not part of the dressing? Cheers, Sebastian
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    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    Ventured out to the upper Clyde on Saturday evening to wet the line for couple hours before the wind kicked in. Water was still high but very clear. Caught this handsome chap: Cheers, Sebastian
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    Green Highlander

    Thanks Grahame. I am yet to finish a salmon fly in one session but I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. Some materials are quite hard to get hold of right now As availability is dictated by shooting seasons. Cheers, Sebastian
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    Green Highlander

    × If you can find some decent GP tail, let me know as I would love to get my hands on some. The stuff I have is ok but would do with some good quality which is really hard to come by these days. As John said, Cosimo is doing fine and making hooks. Look forward to seeing more of you flies once...
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    Green Highlander

    Thanks Mark. I know what you mean about the hook. I had some Partridge hooks in 5/0 so decided to use them up. I have a few 5/0s on the way from Cosimo in Italy so will be tying on them soon. You still having a break from tying classics? Cheers, Sebastian
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    Green Highlander

    Well done Sean. Glad to see another person having a go at these beautiful flies. As John said, there are plenty people here who will help you improve. I will leave the detailed critique to most experienced tyers than me. My only comments would be to tie Teal, Woodduck and JC longer next time...
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    Green Highlander

    Thanks John.
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    Morus silk makes gossamer silk which is pretty much identical to Pearsall’s. Here is a photo of a spool of Pearsall’s purple alongside Morus Silk Version. Fishing colours are at the bottom. I think they do all Pearsall’s colours. They not the cheapest but...
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    Green Highlander

    Had this sitting in the vice unfinished for almost a month. Tyer’s block, I think. My third attempt at this fly, Pryce-Tannatt version again. Tied on 5/0 so quite big for me and not entirely sure I got the proportions right. Seems a bit too slick for such a monster hook. Anyhow, here it is...