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    Wanted 3.5 hp Mariner

    Looking for a good condition used outboard 3.5 4 stroke Mariner. Will arrange courier pick up. ×
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    Wanted top section for Sonik 4 peice fly rod

    Need to replace top section and a 9 1/2 or 10ft rod section will do. I believe a shakespeare 4 section rod will also fit.
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    Claret Bumble Muddler

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    Copper-Olive Dabbler.

    brilliant colours and well tied
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    Connemara Bunny

    great fly pattern that would work im sure for wild browns everywhere.
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    micro straggle black and gold

    anyone know where I can get some of this ?
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    wanted black and gold micro straggle fritz

    cant seem to get this anywhere...any suggestions?
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    Shetland info needed

    Anyoner recommend where to stay in guesthouse on Shetland for a fishing trip1&?
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    Wanted shakespeare exp fly rod 7 peice #6

    thanks Bert but ive tried and they dont have any 9ft 6ins for a #6....still looking even though my annual trip to south uist has been cancelled so gives me more time for September !!
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    Wanted shakespeare exp fly rod 7 peice #6

    only 4 peicw though...i need 6 or 7 peice
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    sounding out interest in a fly swap

    i would be interested in tying some spiders....snipe and that everyone is confined to barracks more or less, there might be more interest ? in fact we could even just make it a spider/small wet swop as there would be a lot of interest in these patterns ?
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    Braided fly leader

    Anyone advise how to make a braided floating leader into a sinking one.... Ie what to soak it in?
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    Sonik SK4 XTR 10' 6/7 & 9'6" 6/7

    hi i replace my sonik tip with a shakespeare rod tip of the sigma range I think or similar.with ALS rings and not the snake type. if you cant do it I might trade you for one of your butt sections as my cork is showing signs of wear.I could send you a box of lures or wetflies?
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    Wanted shakespeare exp fly rod 7 peice #6

    Thanks but still looking.
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    Wanted shakespeare exp fly rod 7 peice #6

    Looking for a 9 ft 6 ins #6 multisection fly rod... not 4 peice.....will buy or swop for a 4 peice Sonik 10 ft #7