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    Llyn Clywedog 08

    Fished Clywedog yesterday and had great sport on dry flies once we had some ripple on water. It was first time for me and the scenery is stunning didn't get any big slabs really enjoyed it.
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    Bibio Muddler

    that's a lovely fly be great for heather fly
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    Home Nations Championship

    Thanks jim been boatman twice myself is enjoyable day done it on brenig and landeg you see lots from the middle
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    Home Nations Championship

    who did you boat for? What was the fishing like? Why did the scots do bad with such strong team
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    Islwyn & landed

    Landeg win 44 fish to islwyn 29 good competition on a tough day well done tim Llewelyn 13 fish. Hope landeg returns to the comp scene soon after the new visitor centre. Good times.
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    Rivers International 2013

    Well done wales. Its good to see the jocks proping up the table I do like them its just they seem to win best with them stockies. :omg: Nice to see good competition between country not just one team winning all the time.
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    traws 2nd trial

    Just wondering how it fished? Any good bags? Top rods?
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    Celtic league

    Anyone fancy fishing the Celtic league on chew this year we need 1 bloke to make team of 4? Foreigners welcome ,
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    Celtic league

    Well done to all the teams and individual winners no wonder Wales are doing well on the international stage. This is awesome non profit comp long may it continue.