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    Best fish of day.LOM 11/6

    that's a nice fish jim
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    Bewl reservoir

    sorry to go off your topic but those of you that fished weir wood do any of you remember a fly called the yellow peril
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    Beginner Seeking Advice.

    hi chris frensham better known as robins wood ive only ever fished a few times as for albury ive fished there hundreds of times over the past 25 years when the travel restrictions have been lifted i would be happy to meet up and give any help i can just send me a pm when the time is right in the...
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    Beginner Seeking Advice.

    i see your from surrey where have you been fishing george
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    Is it all about the numbers???

    one question i would like to ask if you were fishing say a 5 acre lake and paying £50 for a 4 fish catch and kill ticket how many would worry about numbers george
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    Mallard and claret....

    that brings back memories for me weir wood was where my father first started me trout fishing many years ago
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    How to keep my hands warm!

    the problem in winter is not only cold but when retrieving line in its wet and cold i found when wearing gloves you can't feel the line as well so i use surgical gloves to keep my hands dry which helps if you try it buy the black ones its less noticeable
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    As of...

    happy new year to all lets hope its better than 2020
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    couple of images from tonight 12.12/20

    cheers jim i didn't think it looked like the lake george
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    couple of images from tonight 12.12/20

    very nice jim where were they taken george
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    Looks like goodbye to trouting at Arlington

    jimmy i wasn't talking about carp fishing as John h has described above I'm talking fishing with flies it cost £10 a day and ive had carp of up to 18lb my nearest trout fishery cost me £50 a day for a four fish catch and kill which i end up trying to give away because i don't eat them fishing...
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    Looks like goodbye to trouting at Arlington

    wee jimmy have you ever tried fly fishing for carp its great fun and very cheap compared to trout fishing george
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    Fly fishing cost and future generations

    I'm very fortunate that i married a Scottish girl and i have done quiet a bit of fishing up there i asked a question on here a few years ago why was it so much cheeper to fish in scotland than it was down in the south and most of the answers was it was due to supply and demand so surely if...
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    thank you
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    hi all i would like to ask peoples opinion on the Shakespeare agility float rod and the feeder rods are they the same standard as there fly rods thank you george