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    Chase me

    Come on me trout chase me.
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    Fries anybody

    Playing with fry patterns today
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    What did you tie today?

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    Morning gents I'm looking for a saltwater rod and reel. Anybody looking to move 1 on. Terry
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    Few from this wkend. 10s down to 16
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    Hooks; free to a good home

    Brilliant gesture Phil. Somebody getting a good leg up with them.
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    Sugar anybody

    Size 14 sugar cube emerger
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    loch earn

    No rainbows on lochearn browntrout only. Unless they escape from supermarket pens. Just bk fly fishing was tough scenery was beautiful.
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    Purchase which first?

    Rod first then line. Then a beautiful reel to put with it.
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    Top 3

    Unfortunately not Jim
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    Top 3

    Tough week on lochearn red-hot all week.fished 3 fly trace this was my most top 3.2mm beaded cormy on point bibbio middle dropper katey top dropper. all my own work ofcoarse
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    Lochearn this taken with my phone.
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    Oh dear

    Snapped my rod yesterday so looking to buy a 10ft 7# medium/fast actioned rod. Anybody downsizing and wants to move 1 on let me know. Terry
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    Well im off upto lochearnhead for a weeks holiday saturday. Hoping to get a day on the loch boat fishing never been on a boat so if any of my Scottish friends on here live local and fancy taking a novice out drop me a line. I will pay for boat hire you just pay for your permit. Terry
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    Very nice