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    A swallow that missed It's flight?

    You need to get out a little more
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    Thanks......but what is that in English?
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    Heads-up for tennis fans...

    Fantastic result!
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    Stripped Stimulator (how to tie wings more easily)

    Great tips and tying - keep them coming please!
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    Beginers fly tying

    Welcome to the forum H94, There is a vast amount of information here and I suggest to use the search facility - every question you come up with will have been asked a zillion times already and probably answered. I think the general advice is NOT to buy an advertised 'Beginners kit' - but draw...
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    Plant ID

    Just testing
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    Plant ID

    Not to be be confused with Nepenthes Ohanzeeii!
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    Plant ID

    Nepenthes Holdanii
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    Plant ID

    Here's one for you.....a clue it grows in the Himalayas
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    I think I am one of those fibbers, I think it stems from having a small stem!
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    Orvis on the High Street

    I've told sticky millions of times not to exaggerate 🤪
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    Orvis on the High Street

    Now is that a question or some sort of a statement, either way they make no sense.............but that's par for the course
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    Orvis on the High Street

    Not for fishing tackle I don't and I do my level best to support local shops.....even if it costs more. So stick that in your gluepot, sticky!
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    Can you cast a full length of 30 yard WF fly line?

    I was struggling with the casting and now you've bought this into it - count me right out!:whistle: