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  • Hi Mick, I know! its been a long time, just been so busy to keep up. I was wondering if you still had any caps left? could do with replacing mine (now old worn and grubby)

    the XL50 7 and 9# are still doing the business

    All the very best Alan
    Hello "Boke" another Forum member suggested i PM'd you about an 8 or 9wt rod for saltwater - got any deals on???
    Cheers mate
    well I did email you Mick, just getting a second opinion;=)

    Rod does seem heavy compared to what I am used to, also not used to the butt end. Will persevere. any suggestions on the best line brand, wt and type for the 10 5wt
    was thinking of you last week on my way from down south and took the detour from moffat to selkirk and through to peebles then up to edinburgh.
    I use a dt 4 on my current bugging rod and from reading ur messages seems tho it will match fine with your new 11ft rod.
    whats the price of the rod plus postage to perth ?will pop you a cheque down if you let me know providing you have any left
    Hi Mick

    Can I please order the 11 ft 3 weight rod you mentioned for sale in January, 2010.

    Please let me have delivery date, price , including carriage charges.

    Thanks. John (curly III)
    I'm in the market for an XL50 10' #7. Are there any going on e-bay soon or can I purchase one direct from you?
    Many thanks.
    hi, i was recomended to try one of your rods an xl 50 10' #7 to be precise. could you tell me how much they are and do you stock anything else similar and at what price please.

    many thanks , dave
    Hi Mick
    I was looking at a jacket on ebay but managed to miss it. Are you putting any others on there soon? Do you still have stock?
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