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    Report bad ads here

    I keep seeing a curvy bladed so-called all purpose knife !!!
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    Obviously too much of a mouthful !

    For almost three years I camped in the forest in Zambia with a soil survey unit. We had paraffin Tilley lamps to read by of an evening and were constantly having really big beetles clanging onto the glass right next to your head. Quite disconcerting!!!
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    Float Tube with Oars

    Waste of time. Why divide your time between fishing and rowing? With proper flippers like Mares Avanti Quatro you can go out in very windy conditions. Rowed tubes are too high in the water and are always blown about on the surface. Might be suitable for a gentle breeze at most??
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    Your opinions on this?

    I lasted a few minutes. Babbling presenter and advertorial.
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    River Earn

    Speak to the estate ghillie. His house is on the north side of the bridge.
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    Cold, windy and quite showery. Not warm and dry. Loch shores mostly Juncus and coarse grasses with improved pasture in parts. Some gorse and mybe 10% of the shoreline heather. Heather beetle it is, thank you ! Trout seemingly more interested in black gnats than the swarms of beetles in huge...
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    Out twice on a Caithness loch in recent days. Huge multi million numbers of small bronze beetles even forming windlanes on both visits80 hectres of water, 20 plus beetles to the square metre even floating in clusters of five. Size approx 7mm. No point trying a beetle dry. Trout just rising...
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    Reminder to Minn Kota owners...

    I have an old and a newish Minn Kota plus 2 spare prop nuts. All four have nylon anti vibe collars.
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    Fly tying in Stirling

    A group meets at the cathedral halls in Dunblane on a Tuesday morning if of interest.
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    Car rod holder magnetic do it yourself

    I made one by sewing an 8mm rare earth magnet inside either end of a 3 inch piece of hollow bootlace. Works very well.
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    Sepia dun?

    Looks like it. Have you looked at the app for your mobile called Match a Hatch? Gives many flies by month with photos.
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    Menteith last Thursday...

    We had a Garmin set once give a 600m error for the junction of three boundary dykes on a 1:10,000 OS map. 😶😶😶 We could have gained quite a few acres !!!
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    Menteith last Thursday...

    Looks like you missed the overland drift this time out. 😀😀
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    2021 world snooker championship

    What about the new "presenter" with the giant fuzzy teacozy on his head .... ? Who he ??
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    Difference between a dry and wet fly...

    You could also ask John Norris the names of the flies in their mixed pack.