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    Four flies

    GRHE, Black Pennell, Sedgehog (olive or claret) and a Silver Stoat. I've included the Silver Stoat because if you are trying to survive like Bear Grylls you would be better off going for a 12lb salmon than a load of tiddler trout on the GRHE. Andy
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    Reel Lube.

    3 in one oil for me. Just a tiny drop on the spindle once or twice a year at most. I can think of no part of a modern fly reel that benefits from grease. Andy
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    Streamer fishing for wild brown trout.?

    I haven't read the whole thread but I find it mind boggling that there are experienced anglers who have never fished streamers for river trout. You are sat watching the river in May and the trout are hammering spawning minnows in the shallows... what do you do? Sit there thinking Iron Blue or...
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    Assynt in September

    It had only just started two weeks ago. There is nowhere to park, there is **** everywhere. Have a look on Facebook, read the P&J. When you have 20 pissed up campers at Bettyhill pier (nearest toilets 1 mile away) guess what you find after they have left. Make no mistake most people in the...
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    Assynt in September

    While this is a little off subject I can tell you what you will find in the Highlands ATM, nowhere to park, a fecking lot of mess including human waste, bellends in sports cars, bellends who can’t reverse and a good helping of I’ll feeling from the local population. The fishing should be fine...
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    11 YEARS

    Kenneth? I never had you down as a Kenneth! Nicely said sir (y) Andy
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    Scottish Hill Loch Brown Trout

    The rest of your post I’d agree with but not the bit quoted! True there are lots of lochs like that but most serious loch fishers avoid them. Andy
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    Anyone fish streamers for salmon?

    The story (true) above about a river somewhere in the Far North may have been fueled a touch of sour grapes from the following ghillies. I don't doubt the Sunray over used in low water does disturb the fish but at the same time it takes a lot. So which is it, too deadly or too frightening...
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    Anyone fish streamers for salmon?

    On some rivers the Sunray is considered not quite the done thing by true sporting anglers. On a river in the Far North once the lockdown was eased the ghillies were allowed onto the rotating beats. One ghillie in particular put in long hours and took many fish on the Sunray. The ghillies fishng...
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    Glencoe, Rubbish!!

    The promoters of the NC500 should have their reproductive organs removed as should their children and grandchildren to snub out the bloodline of at least some of the thoughtless dross that infects the world. You are correct that most people doing the NC500 won't have thought about the toilets...
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    Glencoe, Rubbish!!

    Welcome to my world... I have the good fortune to live on the north coast of Scotland. Sadly some tw4t decided it would be a good idea to call the roads around the north coast the North Coast 500 and every dirty bastard from Inverness to Lands End now feels the need to drive around it (usually...
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    A rough idea..

    Damsel (and dragon) flies come in many colours. Blue is maybe the most obvious but you get red, green and dull beige ones. When they first crawl out of the nymph shuck are fairly washed out and pale but once dried off and ready for flight with fully inflated and dried wings (which might take...
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    Start of the Curly bum season.

    Unless the bank is a mown lawn I've always found fishing from a boat in the dark easier. But then again I've always been a very tidy boat fisher, no chaos in my boat ;) Andy
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    What fly was I intending to tie...?

    Grouse and Claret? The palmered version with a wound grouse head hackle not a grouse wing. Give it a yellow wool tail and you have Howard's Grouse & Claret which originated on the islands (Lewis I think) as a peaty water sea trout and salmon fly. A dark mackerel has a red tinsel body so that...
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    Salmon Envy-Livestream

    I've been watching this on and off over the last two weeks. They say between 200,000 an 400,000 salmon will go over the falls every season. There was a wolf fishing on the top of the falls earlier in the week and it took thirty salmon one morning. Apparently it was the first time a wolf had been...