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  • Hi Bob I saw a thread about trips to Austria with yourself from a few years back. I was wondering how these went? Me and a mate are looking to get away somewhere for trout/grayling next year for a short trip. My budget would ideally be £500 is Austria do able for this? Hadn't considered there before was thinking Czech rep. etc. Any info would really be appreciated thanks, Scott
    Bob its goz1960

    Funny the waters you mentioned in the post I looked at today, the thing that stood out about farmoor was the size. Being new would this be a little daunting for a newcomer?.
    Hi Bob
    Will only be around in the evening on Sunday, but if you are still there after about 4ish i will pop up and have a chat. Glad to hear it is fishing well, i have still yet to fish it.

    Cheers Bob

    Sounds like you had an amazing trip. How big do the sturgeon get out there? Heard they can be truly monstrous.

    Hi there Bob

    I spoke to you a little while ago about soem fishing at Farmoor when i moved up to Oxford. Well i am here now and settled in, hoping to start fishing more regularly over autumn and into the winter.

    Have you been fishing Farmoor much, if so how is it going? The bailiff said things have been tricky over the last few weeks. I hope to see you on the bank soon.

    Well done. F1 is still very good, but you've got to work a bit harder for them now as they are very well clued up. F2 has switched on with a vengeance and as long as it doesn't get too hot we should be in for some good summer fishing. Autumn can be fantastic if we get a good hatch of daddies as both waters are surrounded by grassy banks and the poor old dll's get blown on to the water. Let me know when you are settled and we'll put something together.

    Well Bob i got the job and will be moving to Oxford in early July, will probably be a bit hectic when i first get there but hope to start fishing Farmoor towards the end of the month.

    Look forward to bumping in to you on the lake and stealing those all important tips.

    That sounds great Bob. Looking forward to fishing with you if i get this damned job lol
    Hi there

    noticed you said you fished Farmoor. With a bit of luck i will be moving near to Oxford soon and wondered if you would mind suggesting a few fisheries to try.

    Many Thanks
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