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    Why aren't blue flies popular

    I used to do an electric blue booby with yellow boobs that was highly effective at Farmoor. Haven't used one of those for many years so perhaps it's time to revive it.
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    Ea baliffs

    I put my name and mobile number on my day ticket at Farmoor. I don't show them my licence. They don't ask to see it because they are not empowered to do so. Under the 2014 amendment to the Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries Act a water bailiff or other person authorised by the Minister, or a...
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    Ea baliffs

    Nothing on the licence other than the licence number, my name and signature. No address, post code or anything else.
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    Ea baliffs

    I retired before that so missed it. It was always a pointless clause anyway so not to be missed.
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    Yarn indicators

    I've been fishing indicators on rivers and stillwaters for over 40 years and have tried just about every one there is apart from the Thinga ones which I consider to be highly obtrusive. I have watched videos of them in use and the splash they make is enough to write them off together with their...
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    Ea baliffs

    Next time you purchase a day ticket and they ask you to produce your rod licence ask to see their warrant or other authority that requires you to produce you to produce what is a legal document. You, as a licence holder can, on production of your licence, ask to see someone else's licence, but...
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    Ea baliffs

    ...... and long experience has shown that to be where anglers congregate in numbers. Even when I first joined the water industry in 1977 it was perfectly obvious that day ticket or free fisheries were most likely to throw up the problems, In those days my "hot" spots were Tring reservoirs...
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    Good fly tying materials supplier

    Bogdan is very good. I buy a lot of tungsten beads from him and he has an excellent range of sizes, colours and styles. Benefit to you in Ireland is that being Eurozone you wouldn't have the exchange rates to concern yourself with. Takes about 4 days for a package to get from Poland to me in...
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    Ea baliffs

    Is it an effective use of an enforcement officer's time walking 5 miles of river to see two or three anglers when he could use a third of that time checking 50 anglers on a popular day ticket coarse fishery? Answers on a postcard. Have a look at what anglers pay in licences in some other...
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    European Cup Rugby

    Yes, superb game. Got a bit sphincter clenching towards the end but Exeter held their nerve and were deserved winners. I wonder if Racing make a bit of a c*ck-up by taking Zebo off when they did? There are lessons to be learned by the England set-up. You get to the opposition's red zone you...
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    Fishing Coloured Stillwaters

    Rainbows are not keen on hunting through coloured water. Browns are not so bothered by it. Also, it will depend on what sort of algal bloom it is. The sort of brown algal bloom we get in the spring is very off-putting to the fish and catches always seem to plummet while that is going on.
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    Frustrated Fisherman

    The vast majority of the fish are caught within 20 yards of the bank. Why try casting 30 yards when all you are doing is landing the fly line on top of the fish? Catching yourself on the back indicates that your wrist is breaking and the line is dropping too low behind you. If you've had...
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    Ingredients of a successful fishery!

    Carp are very much more expensive than trout and the bigger they are the more they cost. Precious few carp boys would be happy to sit there and catch a netful of 2lb carp. They are interested in 20-30lb fish and they cost well into 4 figures. They don't grow as fast as trout either so it could...
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    Magnificent Wye Brown Trout

    I don't give a monkey's. It is a magnificent fish that any on here would be both proud and delighted to catch, So what if it was on a spinner. That's no different to a streamer and you ain't goin' to catch a fish like that on a size 14 spider pattern if you fished from here to doomsday. Bloke...
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    Hello from new member from south wales

    Sorry to spoil the fun but this thread fizzled out om June 9th 2018.