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    First timer…

    We have already communicated, but I would agree with some of the above. Cash invested in a couple of lessons will pay for itself many times over. Casting is not THAT difficult - as I say to many beginners it can't be because I can do it. However, like many things there is a lot going on all at...
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    2020 Euros

    Well done to Wales, but the Turks were to a large extent the architects of their own downfall for the second goal. A corner kick that was a carbon copy of one that had been taken only two minutes before and they didn't see it coming. Take it and enjoy it Wales. One thing it does demonstrate is...
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    Holiday Fishing Hampshire

    I see that Avington are offering catch & release on one of the lakes now. Expensive, but then it IS Hampshire and it IS Avington.
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    Holiday Fishing Hampshire

    Over the border in Wiltshire Manningford has a C & R lake. In Berkshire Sportfish also does C & R.
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    2020 Euros

    In case your memory is somewhat lacking, Southgate was very recently in post as England manager in 2018, and he picked a very young squad to take to Russia and that squad exceeded all expectations in getting to the semis. I seem to remember who it was that scored more goals than any other player...
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    2020 Euros

    What pleased me just as much was the fact that the country of my birth - Austria - where I have many friends and family also won their opening match. They haven't won a match at a major tournament since 1990 apparently. The wine will flow freely there tonight!
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    2020 Euros

    Stick to catching trout, Rob. Southgate a poor manager? Only took us to the semis in the last World Cup so that makes him cr*p of course! I think we have a very good chance in this tournament and will watch with interest.
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    River fishing in and around Reading - Kennet/Thames/Loddon

    There is a free stretch of the Lambourn in Newbury and it is in walking distance from the station. You'll have to hump your chest waders. Alternatively get a Weir permit from the EA. Pangbourne, Caversham and Sonning Weirs are all fairly close. Finally, check out the Civil Service Angling...
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    Conservation Corner

    John Bailey is scathing about the EA's work on our rivers, but what he conveniently chooses to ignore or mention is that when the EA carries out a project on a river or stillwater on behalf of a landowner or angling club it is almost always a partnership in which the landowner or club...
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    Subsurface feeding trout - what fly to use

    This is where you need to stop and watch carefully. If you can, pick out one fish that is rising and try to see what he is eating. If it is duns you should be able to see that upright wings. If he's rising and you can't see those upright wings then it could be spinners or emergers, but I'd only...
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    Bewl reservoir

    Rutland opened in 1977 - I fished the first three days. Bewl in 1978.
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    Stockbridge and the Test

    PM me your email and I'll see if I can send you one. It'll be from my wife's email as my laptop is out of commission being repaired.
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    Stockbridge and the Test

    Did you buy any Robjents Daddies? A "must have" fly if only for the curiosity value.
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    Orvis on the High Street

    Orvis shop in Burford and of course in Stockbridge. The flies are Fulling Mill.
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    Where to buy?

    On the large scale commercial side Fulling Mill are very good flies. Well made and durable. I tie 98% of my own flies but I will buy a few from FM on occasion, and that's as good a recommendation as there is.