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    Are there any guidelines for the best day to go lake fishing?

    If I arrived at a lake to see swallows hawking over the water, buzzers in the air and conditions ideal for fishing buzzers that is what I would do, irrespective of whatever other anglers are doing. I am much more interested in my fishing other than noting that the others appear to be using...
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    Are there any guidelines for the best day to go lake fishing?

    My observation is based on experience while boat fishing on reservoirs. A strong, gusty wind from the south, ie blowing S to N accompanied by bright sunshine seemed to put the fish into a completely uncooperative mood. As trout have no eyelids I wouldn't expect to catch fish close to the...
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    Are there any guidelines for the best day to go lake fishing?

    I read books and magazine articles - I've even penned a good few myself. I've recently been given a book on nymph fishing on rivers. I'm pretty good at that, but I take the view that there is always something to be learned from others' set-up and experience. I might adopt some of their ideas, or...
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    Is this cheating?

    Actually the originator of the phrase stated, " your own observation must be your constant and daily instructor, for if they (the fish) will not rise to the top, try them under, it not being possible to give any certain rule in this particular." Col. Robert Venables in The Experienced Angler...
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    Are there any guidelines for the best day to go lake fishing?

    There is an element of truth in the saying. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but I would agree that it is a foolish thing to keep making the same mistake repeatedly thinking that sooner or later it would be right. Learning from the mistakes of others is definitely less "painful."...
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    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    And the lesson is......always have a spare rod in the car just in case. Happened to me on the Itchen at mayfly time a few years ago. A birthday present from the memsahib. Broke the top section on a 9' #5 but had a replacement in the car which saved the day.
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    Stripped plastic coating - Fly Line

    Douglas I had a situation with a Snowbee line a couple of years ago. A brand new 2-5 weight Thistledown which, on its 2nd outing, had the coating part from the dacron core for about 6". Luckily I had a spare #4 with me which suited the rod. Snowbee replaced the line. This was in the October and...
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    Rod rings.

    I've just checked over my Sage Z-Axis 10' #5 which I bought in 2011 as a retirement present so is now 9 years old and is the most used rod in the rack. Absolutely zilch. Rings as smooth as the day they were put on.
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    Does it make a difference..

    Brian Leadbetter who was World Champion twice used to be of the opinion that dropper flies should be tied on from beneath on down eyed hooks. He used to catch more than most so I guess we can make of that what we will. Personally I doubt it makes a lot of odds, but then I've not been a double...
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    Stripped plastic coating - Fly Line

    If the rings and reel are OK maybe it is just plain old age, so how old is the line? Sooner or later they will give up the ghost.
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    He's Fallen in the Water,( High pitched Squeaky voice)

    Several years ago I was fishing a River Eliminator on the River Teign in Devon. A lovely little river in really cracking scenery. The plan of the day was to fish in pairs - one to fish for 3 hours while the other kept score and then after a short break switch over. This worked very well as a...
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    501 Not out.

    Stuart Broad's score. Number 7 on the list of all-time wicket takers.
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    Tough day on drys

    When did this action actually occur? Within a few seconds of the flies landing, or later if they were just left there?