I live in a small town called Diben, Northern Cape RSA, I grew up next to the Yellow river, camping swimming and fishing, there was no dams built in the river then, the fish caught was big and the waters wild when the snow melted in the Maluti mountains. Dams are built now, the flow of the waters are slow, but the yellows are still here, if you know where to look for them and are prepared to face the sun, wind and sand, you can still fish them, few people go there, only locals and us fisherman. I have caught my share, trout in the drakensberg with it snow caps, tigers in the Zambezi river with the sun beating down on you but always come back for a Yellow fish and the beauty of the desert.Tranquility its called and if you have not seen it feel it or taste it, you will never know!!
I know every one of us fisherman have a place to share, I only wish to share mine with you.

Fishing, rugby(only watch now a days)
Mar 10, 1959 (Age: 62)
Kalahari desert RSA