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    Polarised sunnies on a tight budget..

    I have just bought some new eye glasses and wanted a set of prescription polaroids. the optometrist suggested a pair that was compatible with some magnetic stick on polaroid lenses. perfect. they fit the prescription, aren't 'cover alls' or clip ons and cost £25. see if you can get similar for...
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    Fry Feeding Trout on Winterwatch last night (21/1)

    RM is where it all really began for me. i had some beautiful fish from there, but none better than the 9lb 6oz brown i had in 1991 after chasing it from 10 in the morning, to 6pm, when it took in the failing light. although i have had much bigger fish since, none will ever be as special as that...
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    Not heard of those. i'll have a look!
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    Quite a few! I have all sorts in my collection, from antique greenheart dapping rods, some lovely split cane stream rods that are still aired occasionally, then I still own my first 'proper' rod, bought for me by my father in a long gone fishing shop in Alresford. it's a Hardy Fibalite...
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    Shakey rods are 25% off at John Norris now i think. damn good rods for the money.
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    Now, I confess to being a rod-tart. As such i have noticed that Banana rods are currently on sale at a lot of places, and as such i am tempted. (It's been a shyte year and i want to at least think of days back on the bank..) Does anyone have one of these rods? what do they fish like in a 5 or 6...
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    The best trout river in the UK

    Yes, was a syndicate member there for a couple of seasons. a lovely stretch and bloody tricky apart from the mill pool (I forget the name) - a particularly magical spot was right at the top where there's a wide 'pond' like area, largely overhung. you could always get a nice fish from there if...
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    Is there anything wrong with limited stocking of rivers?

    Actually, that's not strictly true. On the Test and particularly the Itchen, the most expensive beats are actually those that are largely wild and kept that way, but your comment largely holds true. I am lucky enough to fish these rivers a few times each year, but i'm no fan of turning up on...
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    A hover of trout

    The collective noun for a rainbow is a 'disappointment' of rainbows... :-O
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    Chalk Springs Visit

    Now, i am not saying that CS is anything other than artifical stockie fishing, but you'd be surprised how a big fish can thrive in there. Several years back i had a run of very large browns in there, including the one in my avatar which was the pinnacle of the year. That fish was stocked in May...
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    Advise on rods please

    I have a Zenith #6 - love it. IMO there's no real step up to Zephris, and i would look for good newish Zenith for less than half the price!
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    The Itchen Carrier at Avington

    yes, the rainbows (and some of the browns) are escapees from the stock ponds.
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    The Itchen Carrier at Avington

    I have fished it many many times. It's a very challenging, small, piece of itchen carrier. the fish are primarily wild, but there are some escapee rainbows in there which will put a bend in the rod if hooked! there are also some surprisingly large browns to be found. it's very spooky fishing...
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    Outfit for £100 (or less)

    I have just bought my 8 year old son a Shakey Opti set up with rod, reel, line. cost me less than £50! from go outdoors which is remarkable value. The rod has a proper cork handle, carbon body and full rings to snake. I Cast it in the back garden and to be fair, it's absolutely fine. 80% of what...
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    Covid 19 exist strategy steps and fishing

    Absurd comment. the joke was on the back of recent idiotic comments by Diane Abbott, it had nothing to do with the fact she happens to be black. #eyesroll