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    wading jackets

    I bought a jacket from the norwegian company 2instincts. Now it has been mine for about three years, and heavy usage. Not a drop of rain has yet touched my body. Couldnt be more satisfied :)
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    We´re going to San Francisco

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    Gen modified salmon

    Danielp: GM is not the only company in world. Sure, they may be doing a good thing but will others?
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    Gen modified salmon

    A child Is clever enough to understand if the salmon gen modification gets aproved, other in the meat industry will try to do the same. Everything is not about GM you constantly are referring to. What about the long time health effects that not even scientists know about? Is it worth the risk...
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    Gen modified salmon

    Danielp: I respect what you are saying but at some point people has to take a look at what we are doing to ourselfs.
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    Gen modified salmon

    I have the link, it´s in Swedish though. But use googletranslate and all sources are at the bottom of the page. Varför mer VEGETARISKT och mindre KÖTT And about how they do the gen modification, seriosly? Does it really matter? If they open this door others will automatically open as well...
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    fly line help please

    I don´t agree on this. To cast the line further is a matter of technique, wich unfortunately take some time sometimes. And theoretically, a DT line is a long WF wich - if you can handle the line in the air you will cast it further then the WF. ---------- Post added at 10:13 PM ----------...
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    Gen modified salmon

    Btw, I eat meat as well, but I think about how much I eat.
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    Gen modified salmon

    Are you aware af the statistics concerning the production of animalistic foods in general? The space, money and the sheer waste of crops and other vegetables that are needed to feed the animals in the process. If you only took a look at that you would easely see that if we stopped eating...
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    Gen modified salmon

    It’s about time again for people to stop the food industries from genitically modify gens on animals. If we don’t stop this right now the gates could open world wide to do this on other animals. Not even the scientist know what the long time health effects will be. I heard o the radio the other...
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    Within reach...

    In about three weeks Troutpassion goes to California, Trinidy River for some steelhead and salmon fishíng. Of course that is our main "to do" when we´re over there but also for testing a friends product. Its an outfitter company and we are first up for the test week. Check out the blog and...
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    Plan of this year

    Thanks Paul! I wish the same for you. And save some money for a neat fishing trip later on :thumbs:
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    Jelly Pheasant Tail

    cool flie!
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    Plan of this year

    Hello folks and happy new year! Next weekend and following weekends me and my friend who runs Troutpassion, will be fishing for seatrout in the city of Stockholm. In february I will be flying to California with three friends for three days in the search of the Trinidy River steelheads. The...
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    Rod action

    I can really recommend the guideline lpxe series.