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    I like Trout more than grayling......

    Quite happy to catch anything but I wouldn’t drive five miles for the chance of a big brownie, I can’t get excited, but a big grayling (3lb+) on the other hand and I’m quite happy to jump on a plane or drive 400 miles in the day just for the merest chance. Andy
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    Wild Trout and Grayling Fishing 2022

    Few photo’s from my first session of 2022 last week. Great first day in a very coloured river, lot tougher on the second day once the colour had dropped out. Painful at times in the cold but the results were worth the effort. Andy
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    Hi All, new to fly fishing, looking for advice, etc.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good grounding in fly casting, all I’m saying is that until he knows how he’d like to pursue his pastime then running out and buying a 81/2ft or 9ft 5wt might not be the best use of his hard earned if he takes a liking to something other than traditional...
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    Hi All, new to fly fishing, looking for advice, etc.

    Personally, I’d hang fire with purchasing anything until you get a better understanding of what’s going to float your boat. If you’re drawn to the puritanical casting of a fly line with traditional wets, nymphs or dry fly then what’s been mentioned already are possibilities but if you’re...
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    Guides and not the dib dib type

    John Tyzack would be in the middle of that price range and is very familiar with the Dee. As a six times English National rivers champion it would be fair to say he knows his stuff. Alternatively if you’re happy to share the day with others but at a fraction of the price of a one on one day then...
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    RIO Euro Nymph Shorty

    Nothing at all to do with FIPS mouche rules, it wouldn’t comply as it’s nowhere near long enough- it has to be a full length line to comply with FIPS requirements.
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    Strong ‘upstream’ wind if you turn your back on it and fish downstream😉 deadly up there in the pocket water.
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    Another sh1te line!!

    Looks all wrong to me.
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    By all means try to get the authorities to become involved but a bit of advice would be to neglect to mention upfront that you think the culprits are from the ‘travelling ‘ community’ Based upon bitter personal experiences they’re far less likely to be motivated to attend if they know up front...
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    Where to buy?

    I’m guessing like me you’re doubting the credentials of these three ‘experts’. I honestly don’t understand how a fly can be ‘best value’, I’d fish with ‘best value’ rods, reels and lines if I had to but when it comes to flies and tippet I simply want to fish with the very best there is and...
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    Where to buy?

    You being serious😳. Save for throwing at silly stockies there’s not a fly in the catalogue I’d have any real confidence in. Grappling iron barbed hooks and totally overdressed African tatt imho. To the OP, can I suggest investing the time to learn to tie your own and avoid those like the...
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    Breathable Waders

    Reminds me more of a child using a stick as a paint brush for the first time than a ‘repairer’ of anything. Based upon extensive use of his ‘services’ 10 years or so ago on an Orvis ‘warranty’ claim I’d avoid like the plague, including Orvis waders. Total calamity of an experience both in terms...
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    Tungsten beads

    Fish On Tungsten beads beads from £2.60 per 25. UK stocks, everything from 2 to 4mm in stock and No messing around waiting for a delivery from China.
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    Tungsten beads

    The beads are never pure tungsten from any source due to the exceptionally high melting point of tungsten as you point out, even the alloys melt beyond 1000 degrees Celsius and in fact closer to 2000 still but there is some difference in tungsten purity between the various alloys resulting in...