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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    My Aigle Parcours Outlasts are about 4 year old and still going strong they are expensive but i will get another pair when the current ones wear out
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    Snipe wings!

    Cookshill Fly Tying Materials sell them
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    We were out at Sandford on Thursday Evening. I was hopeful that there would be some good surface activity but although it was cloudy the wind was a little chilly. Saw and cast to a few rises with emergers but with little interest. I eventually got a nice take, watched a good sized fish...
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    Korkers in the UK

    Thanks for the heads up but I want a specific model and they don't have them in their store. My local tackle shop have ordered a couple of pairs in different sizes for me to try on to get the best fit
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    Korkers in the UK

    Stevel, The Devils Canyons appear to be a more flexible fit due to the materials used. Are they noticeably less supportive,protective than other wading boots? Also just to clarify did you find that you went up a size for the Devils Canyons, but up two sizes in the other Korkers you had...
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    Korkers in the UK

    Sebastian, Thanks for the response. You have reinforced my concerns with Serious. I will look at GAC although if I could get them from John Norris's I can get my club discount so I will see if they will order them in 🙂
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    Korkers in the UK

    Thanks for the heads up, Looks like they are no longer involved with Korkers
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    Korkers in the UK

    My problem with Serious is that everything is in stock on the website but then they appear to order it from the distributor so you end up waiting much longer than anticipated and you cant contact them by phone to find out what is happening. Regarding sizing I assume if you are a UK 8 then you...
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    Korkers in the UK

    Anyone know who sells the current range of Korkers wading boots in the UK? I have been looking at their Dark Horse and Devils Canyon boots The only place I can see them in stock are Serious Fishing and I have not had good experiences with them, Glasgow angling advertise them but don't have any...
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    Dedicated fly fishing jackets

    Have a look on the Uttings site they have a vast selection: Jackets Cam
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    Full cage reels

    I use this reel for my euronymphing, it is full cage: Hanak Reel Danielson also do a full cage design, I think
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    Fly reel olive colour.

    I have one of these:
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    Hardy Ultralite Disc, Servicing/parts

    I would expect that it is user serviceable. I will speak to the guys in John Norris tomorrow and take it from there Thanks for your response Cam
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    Hardy Ultralite Disc, Servicing/parts

    TVM, I am in Penrith tomorrow I will try and get in to ask them
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    Hardy Ultralite Disc, Servicing/parts

    I have a Hardy Utralite Disc #5 reel that I have owned for a few years, I am more than happy with the reel but feel that the drag has lost its effectiveness a bit recently and there is very little drag difference from full on to full off so I am thinking that the disc drag needs to be...