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    overcharge me ,NO WAY

    if you sell regular on ebay you will be sent the £1 final fee offer I think I can safely say that I rarely sold anything on ebay not regulary anyway. I did take advantage of the final value fees of £1 though but the last offer they upped it to 50 per cent. I also noticed they have...
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    Knock off copies!

    I've got a few bought some recently. The old grand has six rows of twenty-two slots on each side and turrell name looks like it's level. the new grand that I bought recently has seven rows of fifteen slots [better for dries me thinks ] and the badge on the front looks like it's cut in to the...
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    Storm coming/Finicky fish.

    Still going on here in Fife at 6am.
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    Four flies

    Black hopper Shipmans Buzzer Yellow Owl Olive f-fly
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    Slot foam fly case

    I was buying these from ebay then Fastmail tackle but neither have had in stock for a while.
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    Slot foam fly case

    Looking to purchase these second hand or if you know anywhere I can purchase them.
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    Scierra SRX Competition Rod Review

    Great Rod review, if only I was looking for a 10' #8 you would have sold me on this one.
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    Advice on buzzer dropper set up

    Dropper probably about six feet from point fly. As long a leader as you can manage 12-15 feet.
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    Advice on buzzer dropper set up

    Fish your buzzer on the dropper and dry on point to keep your buzzer higher in the water. Fish your dry on the dropper and buzzer on the point will fish it a little deeper.
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    My best experience was the crazy Russian girls, but that's a different story.. Now that's a story we would like to hear.
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    Sunray lines

    negative stuff seems to stick in my mind better. I could say the same wouldn't touch an Airflo floater with a ten foot barge pole.
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    Best knot

    Water knot
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    Tapered leaders

    ...but there not tapered leaders
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    Tapered leaders

    Used an Orvis one yesterday it was curly.