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  • Not sure how that response went on your end. Exceeded the 500 word key strokes so had to cut same in half. If both halves didn't make it, no one 'died.
    Never another post from him on this Fora. Who? I'll leave names out of this but he had a PHd and taught Economics class' at Cambridge. The 'how' was I have a Master's in the subject and went straight at him. Fellow was a TOTAL nit-whit. (Spelling intended)

    Never done that before, or done that since. You 'agree to disagree' you do so in a civil manor. Had dinner together (New York City) and laugh about similar experiences. We still 'Agree to Disagree' but he's been a guest in my house
    Thank you Charlie; off to Google on the rest. Made a reference to an old poster here who wanted to 'pick a fight.' God only knows why, save for I lived on the far side of the Pond and then some. That "BS" went on for months until I 'derided' to go on the offensive. I just let him dig a deeper 'I'm an *****' hole' until one day I shoveled in the dirt.
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