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    Anyone fish streamers for salmon?

    Without taking the thread too far off course, do people think that a similar restriction should be placed on the Frances?
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    Salmon Beats

    Also known as croys in Scotland, and cribs on the Wye. As Bert says, in many cases they aren't actually intended as casting platforms, but as a way of directing or manipulating the current to create better holding lies. Sometimes they are designed create an area of slower water in a fast run...
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    Ballinglen River, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

    I think it's closed for fishing in 2020.
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    Damaged Fish Update

    I'm somewhat at a loss as to why you bothered posting this - it's exactly the same as you posted on 3/7/19. shortly after its publication. Do you have any new information? There are plenty of us who are concerned about this new problem and would like to know more, but there's little point...
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    Its not the fly you choose but how you fish it

    Of course, there's nothing either particularly new or "un-British" about this approach, and it would be wrong for your Scandinavians to suggest - however politely - that we always fish the fly too slowly! By coincidence, the interview in the latest T&S with my friend Maurice Hudson, who caught...
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    Land based salmon farming

    It has clearly taken rather longer to get this off the ground than had been hoped, but I understand that the Tayinloan facility is now under construction, and may be ready to start production this autumn.
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    Salmon Cam

    The river was the Suldalslagen, and it was called "Laksen Live", hosted by something called VGTV. Don't know whether or not it's still going, but I don't recall seeing it mentioned on any forums in the last year or two, so I fear it may not be. But I think they didn't put the cameras in place...
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    5 salmon flies for the Wye

    Ian, those Boyos look the business. Strictly speaking they should have a band of red fluo thread on the head, but again I'm not convinced that the fish will mind unduly. Here's a copy of the plate containing the Brockweir - it's the fly at bottom right. and here's a close-up. The...
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    5 salmon flies for the Wye

    Without wishing to tread on NK's toes, it's basically quite similar to a Willie Gunn Flamethrower. Designed by Illtyd Griffiths, apparently for the same reason that Duncan Egan developed the Flamethrower style, namely to reduce the problem of tails on long tailed shrimps getting wrapped round...
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    River Wye 2018

    The point about the risks being different is important, and I certainly don't think we should lump all predators together. Surely smolts and kelts face quite different risks - FEBs are probably the most serious for the former, though not much of a threat to the latter which are far more at risk...
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    Anyone wear breeks for fishing?.

    Yes, I generally wear them inside waders for salmon fishing. It's partly tradition (as someone once said to me, 'you wouldn't turn up to a wedding wearing trainers'), but they're also practical. Not only do they avoid the problem of the hems and/or seams of trousers causing pressure points and...
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    River Wye 2018

    Rummaging in the depths of my memory, I seem to remember that he bought some water at Symond's Yat, and subsequently sold the rapids that formed part of it to the BCU for their canoeing activities. Word was that he got almost as much money back for that bit (which had little value from a...
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    River Wye 2018

    I believe he was paid compensation for several years up to 2011, but in 2012 the EA capped his catch at 30 fish, without compensation. One point that annoys me is the way that he plays the 'heritage' card. Look at this report just out from the Telegraph, with its accompanying image: Fisherman...
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    Tackle Shops You've Known and (maybe) Loved,

    Yes, I remember the old Farlows, and Mr Woodcock too. As a small boy, I guess in the early 1970s, I was taken in there by my grandmother and introduced to him as the fourth generation of my family to be a customer of the shop. Later, when I was going to Norway in the 1980s, Tim Pilcher...
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    River Wye 2018

    Agreed! Meanwhile, I see that Nigel Mott has had his case against the EA upheld in the Supreme Court. However, I don't think this means we'll see a resumption of his putcher fishing; merely that he's in line for a compensation payout for a breach of his human rights. Supreme Court is...