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    All round line

    I would second the barrio recommendations. Have the smallstream in a few different weights and use one for some of my stillwater fishing. Like the fact that the quite heavy taper allows for easy roll casts on rivers but also shooting the line on a stillwater.
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    Latest Reel off the Bench

    Looks amazing!
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    Hotels and deposits

    I'm honestly not 100% sure on this one as pretty much all my experience revolves around international travel. It's always worth having insurance even for domestic trips, but for them to reply saying that is the route to go down is pretty poor as if you did have insurance and speak to them I...
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    Hotels and deposits

    It's all dependent on how things are booked. For a lot of trips abroad, people often book a combination of flights and hire car or flights and hotel together through one provider (e.g. a travel agent or online booking provider such as Expedia). This then constitutes a package and as such is...
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    Hotels and deposits

    I suspect that this might be a slight grey area in your case (potentially depending on how fishing is provided), but in theory you should be covered by PTR's as you have booked two different types of travel service (the ones that matter are transport, accommodation, car rental and a tourist...
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    Hotels and deposits

    If it helps I work for a large UK tour operator so have been dealing with this pretty much every day since everything kicked off. Unfortunately the laws that protect you for trips abroad (package travel regulations) are not applicable for domestic travel within the UK, so consumers actually have...
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    Depending on budget you could look at some of the cheaper reddington rods, classic trout ones are great value. Also TFO make some good rods at reasonable prices.
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    Wanted: cheep reel with spare spools

    What size are you looking for?
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    Best quality Fly rod/Reel makers?

    Yes have a TFO Lefty Kreh 8ft9 5wt that is great. One of the first rods I owned on the recommendation of a friend. Excellent value for money and truth be told, not much difference between it and my Fario CRS.
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    Nice #5 weight reel....

    I have a sonik sk lite 5/6 that I no longer use. Feel free to pm me if you might be interested.
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    Which Snowbee wading jacket

    I have had the Geo for the last few years (got it from Uttings) and really like it. Good amount of storage and different pockets. Also as mentioned before is a bit shorter so good for wading.
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    Windrush river

    I live in Witney and have had some good success on a few stretches of the Windrush over the last few weeks. The mayfly hatches have eased off over the last few days but still the odd sporadic hatch still happening and if not, probably worth sticking a fly over likely spots as they can still be...
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    Wanted dry fly rod?

    I have a brand new guideline fario crs 9ft 4wt if that would fit the bill. Already have a 9ft 4wt I really like hence not needing this rod. PM me if you would be interested and can send pics etc. if you want and work things out. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Trout Fishing on The River Usk - Help Needed Please

    I fished the Dinas beat (near Brecon) on Monday and had a good day (first time on the Usk). Only downside is that you do occasionally hear the traffic noise, but pretty easy wading and a nice combination of glides and riffles for both dry and nymphing. There were a few LDOs coming off and some...
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    NZ strike indicator tool

    Hi Graham, That is very kind, thank you. Have sent you a pm. Chris Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk