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  • Please can you keep me 5 red 5 pink and 5 green squirmy worms when there back in stock and I will pay for them if you send me a message regards mark
    I sent this same message yesterday as well but looking at my sent box this morning there was no sign of the message going, hope this has not happened to others as well and thinking you have not got back to them !!

    Hi again Chris, a mates girlfriend wants to buy him a fly reel and I have emailed her your site with a view of buying one of your cassette reels. I am right in thinking you could also load it for her, she would want a WF7F plus of course backing ?
    Her name is Phillappa Dray but then again I don`t suppose you get too many orders from the Isle of Wight. lol.

    Hi Chris, me again.
    Amates girlfriend is looking to by my mate a new Fly reel for his birthday and I have directed her to your site to look at your cassette reels.
    Am I right in thinking you could load the reel for her if she places an order ?


    Hi Chris I know you no longer sell saltwater flies but can you either get me the Following 6 crease flies red/white 6/0 and 6 Black Brush flies 6/0 or put me touch with someone who could tie them.
    regards Doug
    I think that we spoke at the Uppingham Fly show about renewing your advert in the Rutland Water Fly Fishers magazine. I think that I have e-mailed you our invoice for £60 but have had no response yet. Please let me know whether you wish to continue with the advert and I can remove it if no longer required.
    Hi Chris
    Got any #6, 9', 4 piece still available ?
    And is posting to the Isle of Man ok with you ?
    Kind regards
    Hi Chris can you tell me how to change a skb overdrive from right hand wind to left hand wind thank you Brian
    Hi Chris , I am interested in three of your fly box deals,1. 72Diawl Bach/Hares Ear + Box,2. 72 Epoxy Buzzers +Box, 3. 72 Damsel/Diawl Bach/Ptn +Box. What deal can you do an impoverished old man.(Who is not only cheeky but a tight Yorkshireman).
    Chris, I previously ordered Asso etc from you as a trade customer. Please advise how I place another order ? thanks Bill Taylor Tweddale Millennium Fisheries


    I'm looking for a fly box that would fit into the pouch at the back of my get as many flies as possible into!

    The cheaper the better.......

    Can anybody point me in the right direction please?

    Ta much

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    Hi Chris,

    Just wanted to say thank you for the 9' #4 rod I won in the Ebay auction. The rod is absolutely lovely and the service you guys provided was excellent. And the free bottle opener was a nice touch! I shall be coming back for a reel and some line come pay day!

    Thanks again


    hi mate im looking for a reel case or 2 and the lads on sff said that you may be able to help the reels are all trout the biggest is 3 3/4inch wide you can get me on salmonfishingforum under tullaghan many thanks john
    Hi Chris paid that money to your PayPal for 2 mega fly boxes could you let me know if you got it regards driftwood
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