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    Saltwater waders

    Oh we're actually wading! And getting splashed by breakers. And doing that funny dance where you stumble, put your rod right up in the air to avoid a saltwater dunking for the reel, other hand on the ground to steady yourself. Then get slapped in the face by a wave, which floods your waders and...
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    Saltwater waders

    sound choice. lumbering down paths and over rocks after bass in PVC waders is about as unpleasant a wading experience as it's possible to get. I'd rather just get wet from the sea than sweat!
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    Recommendations for Trotting rod.

    It depends what your river's like - and what's in it. If you have barbel, chub and some big trout with a strong current, go heavier and perhaps stay clear of anything tippy and light. I've been using a pellet waggler rod, because it's got a bit more backbone should some of the bigger chub and...
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    Saltwater waders

    I ended up getting some second hand Vision Ikon waders and have been really happy with them. Mine are stockingfeet waders; I didn't have a huge budget but wanted something with significantly better grip that most of the cheaper end have, because I'm forever rock hopping and climbing over things...
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    Fishing Permit.

    I think so, but then can you really see the local plod treading the banks looking for anglers flouting lockdown? I could imagine there would be plenty who'd take the risk
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    Do not buy the Orvis Encounter 9’ 8wt outfit

    I likes snowbee kit. Their fly stuff is decent enough, but their lure fishing stuff is seriously well priced. I've recently tried to 'upgrade' my bass rod - a snowbee raptor travel. Tried Major craft, but went back to the snowbee. Tried Savage thinking of going back to the Snowbee...
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    Pike fly line

    It's a Daiwa Silver creek. It's a lovely little rod and would theoretically fill a hole - if I had one to fill! The trouble is I don't, so it's just in the tube, all nicely tucked up in the warm and the dry, doing nothing!
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    Pike fly line

    Coincidence. I'm thinking of selling my #9 as it's just not getting used. I tell myself it's a back up...but really it's just sat there taking up space on the rack!
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    Slow parcelforce!

    I've just sent a rod to Northumberland. It went from Dorchester to Poole, to the national hub, then back to Poole again. Now it's back at the National hub! The thing that vexes me about ParcelFarce is that even if they lose or damage a parcel, whilst they will pay insurance, they won't cover the...
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    It's always depended on the mark for me. No hard fast rule, so it's about trial and error and learning when the fish like to hang out where. More fishing needed...
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    footwear on stockingfoot waders

    Many thanks for all the suggestions. I got a couple of hours to test them out this afternoon/evening. I wore my Palm Camber shoes, as they have a vibram sole and give good grip over rocks, whilst also being light and comfortable enough to walk in, either in the water or out of it. They're a bit...
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    footwear on stockingfoot waders

    Brill; thanks. Is there any change in washing, or just as I'd do for my yak fishing drysuit - i.e. wash off with fresh water and appropriate cleaner if needed, then hang to dry out of direct sunlight?
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    footwear on stockingfoot waders

    That's all been very helpful, thank you. I am slightly worried I might have made a bit of a purchase error in the waders. Do I need some specific ones for salt water, as that's what they'll almost be exclusively used for? But I will be moving around from rock to shingle (I'm an active angler!)...
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    footwear on stockingfoot waders

    I've just bought my first pair of stockingfoot waders. Is there anything specific I should be looking for in terms of what to wear over said stockingfeet (foots?)? They're Vision Ikon 2's, if that helps. I have kayaking boots and shoes that give great grip when walking, or would it be better to...
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    Red Kite

    Yeah, and I believe they've been imploring people around the base to stop feeding them, which prompted the response of 'they're not the RAF's kites, they're ours'. I think the idea of a cull was a last resort, as it should always be