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    Join me in a minutes silence at 11am

    That cap will have a few stories to tell.
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    Help Wanted re Loomis GLX Distance rod

    I think he concentrates more on game sea fishing rods for export now but he still has enough bits and pieces of fly gear around and all the equipment to sort most minor problems. You might have to leave it with him a while as you explore the wonders of Lanarkshire.
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    Help Wanted re Loomis GLX Distance rod

    I had a similar problem when i stripped the locking ring on my most used rod. I got by with electricians tape till the end of the season. Not close to you in Fife but in the grander scheme of things not far away either, there's a guy called Stan at Alba rods in Uddingston. He heated and removed...
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    Ye Olde Enigma EM-G Rods.

    Depends on condition and how much you would be prepared to pay I suppose. These were discontinued a long time ago, saw one on ebay recently and the guy was claiming it had only been used a few times. Mine is in very good condition but has been well used, I would think between £150 to £180
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    Aye, hard work on the rivers just now. After a cold start now almost down to summer levels, blazing sun and poor hatches at a time when the trout should be (visibly) pigging out. Watched quite a few good sized trout idling around the shallows, unusual behavior to me at this time of year. I'm...
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    Nice looking river.
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    Any one for Alba

    Salmond. The jobby that won't flush.
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    Silver Brown Trout

    A small burn I used to fish had a good population of trout with a silver greenish colouring. Can't say I've given it too much thought except that they were things of beauty.
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    6 Nations , Gateway to the trout season

    To be fair in the midst of all that faint praise I think I picked up "we were not at the races" Well done Scotland.
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    Nicest looking reel

    I'm more interested in how a reel functions and it's durability than how it looks, but I started preparations today by cleaning all my fly lines and thought these two Vision reels were pleasant to the eye. More importantly they perform well.
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    Otter photos...

    Quality pictures of these gallus animals. A few years ago I was fishing a stream which in most parts was no more than 20 feet wide. I was joined by two young otters moving up and down the run and splashing about, literally by my feet. Heard a high pitched call and they both immediately headed...
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    Fishing Permit.

    ^^^^ This
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    Xmas eve 2020

    Nice pics (again) Been some spectacular skies in the absence of heavy air traffic. Most, for me, have been in the evening during summer. One early morning though I was putting the golf clubs in the car boot and this huge burning strip was above me. 20 mins later and it was gone. Just a quick...
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    What was your...?

    Black spider. Black thread, black hackle. Done.
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    Simms freestone Vest

    I had one and move it on quickly. The fit was OK till put the flask, food and rain jacket in the back and then could hardly zip it up at the front. The material was too stiff for me, also I'm no fan of velcro and all the outside pockets used (I think) this method. The clincher for me was the...