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    Fishing neck lanyard

    Make your own. A round boot lace and 3 or 4 large snap swivels. No need for beads. An overhand knot either side of each swivel holds it in place. A reef knot to join the ends.
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    Slow intermediates

    I think that is fair comment regarding the .modern wetcel 2. However I still have an old style circa mid 90s wetcel 2 that is a completely different proposition. Properly digs in like a medium sinker should. On a few occasions its gone head to head with a a DI3 with the rest of the set up...
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    Lake of Menteith yesterday...

    I was there today, different again. For a start it was pishing rain half the time with flat calm to light winds (compare that with Eddleston's 25mph hooley at Talla). There were mayfly about so I started with dry mayfly patterns but by late morning although I had a few I realised it wasnt the...
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    Substitute for aero wing

    This stuff. Cheap as chips. Have used it for years since it was sold by Niche Products
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    Fishing Loch Hope in August?

    Anyone who has had a pint in the hotel bar after a days fishing has probably met Walter. One of life's genuine characters.
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    Fishing from a high bank.

    That would be my suggestion if there is safe access and exit to the water.
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    Trout and Salmon!

    Free to a good home, the last 5 years or so (I haven't sorted or cataloged). Having a clear out and it seems a shame to just bin them. You would have to collect from South Edinburgh. Send me a pm if interested.
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    Looking for short 1 ft net handle

    A bank stick should be fine.i use one with a foam bmx bike grip as a handle. Running Bear's is much smarter. Does anyone know where you can still get a 4' alloy net pole with a spike on the bottom?
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    Fishing Loch Hope in August?

    Your best bet would be to contact the Altnahara hotel to see if they they can help.
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    Airflo Sightfree G3

    I agree with that Colin, have been using fluoro for over 20years and Sightfree since when it was being ddistributed under the Shakespeare brand with no reliability issues. However when I take 4 spools of 3 different breaking strains and repeatedly demonstrate that the same knots are...
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    Airflo Sightfree G3

    I posted on another thread that I had tested new label G3 in 6lbs and 8lbs against the remainder of old spools I have. It failed miserably in comparison. It's a pity as I have had many years of complete dependability from it. Like others I am going down the Seagaur route as I have been using...
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    If you poached your local water what would happen?

    Faced with those consequences, I'd head for Beat 6, sharpish. 😂
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    Braid……. A silly question?

    Lure braid is essentially the same as Dyneema braid used as flyline backing. Not to be confused with dacron braid which is thicker and more conventionally used as backing. So in principal yes, although 20lb braid is very thin to use as backing. The minimum I will normally use is 30lb but...
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    I have used troutline several times and cant fault them for service. Standard postage was around 7€ which was fine if you were spending around 40€ as the price and quantity of materials supplied easily covered that. I also bought a Hanak rod off them at a very good price, and when I broke the...
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    Do you trim hackles on dry flies !

    On flies like Hoppers, Bits and Griffiths gnats, for example, I will often trip the underside if I feel it necessary to sit it low on the water. I tend to do this as required on the water, rather than at the vice. Trimmed hackles look a bit crude but work. A more elegant, if fiddler, approach...