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    No fishing on TV

    I love RodsAngle on YouTube. It’s brilliantly unique and to me is basically outsider art. The detail is exquisite. literally the very definition of slow tv. Me and my wife sometimes just put it on the tv and just have a chat and a drink. My wife doesn’t even fish and she really enjoys it...
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    Cow Green Crayfish

    Fished Cow Green last week and there were a good number of dead Signal Crayfish. I’ve never seen them before and was surprised how big they are! I visit Cow Green at least once a season and I’ve not seen crayfish there before. How do they affect the fishing. Cow Green hasn’t fished well for...
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    Wish I'd known this about breathable waders

    I just buy the Vision Keepers and trash them until they leak. I walk miles in them, sit in them and climb barbed wire fences. I see no point in buying expensive breathable waders because I literally wear them out. If you just drive to a river and start wading then far enough. I don't see how...
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    Information on Loch Brecbowie Does anyone have any info on this loch? I fished it last weekend. There's a path marked by posts all the way and an old boat and boathouse. Someone must have been bothered to mark the path and stick a boat on it at some...
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    Dovestone, Yeoman Hey and Greenfield Reservoirs; Can we fly-fish them?

    I'm just updating this thread with new information because it comes up in google searches. There are day tickets available for Yoeman Hey and Greenfield... More information can be found at .. Fly fishing at Yeoman Hey Reservoir, Saddleworth, England Fly fishing at Greenfield Reservoir...
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    New wild fishery in Saddleworth

    I've been fishing Yoeman Hay reservoir, near Greenfield, for a few season now and access has always been difficult. This season the family who own the fishing rights are stocking the water with Rainbows and opening up the fishing to the general public. The reservoir holds a good population of...
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    How did you get on Crummock on Saturday?

    Hi, I spoke to two gents in the National Trust carpark on Saturday. We were fishing Buttermere. How did you get on on Crummock? Was hard going but I managed a few on Buttermere. First one was a crack about 1 1/2lb. Fishing opportunity was only for a couple of hours and the fish switched on...
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    Shetland fishing

    Thanks for the feedback. It's much appreciated. I'm aware that it's not a great idea to advertise lochs that are sensitive to fishing pressure. All the information on Let's Fish Shetland is available on the Shetland Association website as a word document...
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    Shetland fishing

    Thanks :) I've never been to Shetland but I plan to in 2020.
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    Shetland fishing

    I've posted a few times about a personal project I'm making which is a website for people to find wild trout lochs to fish. I'm trying to concentrate my efforts on specific area and will be creating "destination" pages. Like mini websites for areas very soon. But for now, I've managed to cover...
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    Same fish on Crummock

    That is crazy! :eek:
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    Dovestone, Yeoman Hey and Greenfield Reservoirs; Can we fly-fish them?

    There are trout in all three reservoirs. They are wild fish, descendants of the fish that live in Greenfield Brook. The fishing rights are owned by the farmer and you need to seek his permission and give him some cash to fish ether Yoeman Hay or Greenfield reservoirs. You can call into the...
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    Cow Green Reservoir - ✅. What a great day!

    I wasn't saying it was a salmon. It was like a salmon. Jumping around in the waves. It was massive. I'm not kidding. It jumped clean out of the water. Within cast range. I tried but that fish isn't going to take a size 12 Kate. Do people spin on Cow Green?
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    Cow Green Reservoir - ✅. What a great day!

    Fished Cow Green over the weekend. Did alright, caught a few. Sunday was wet and very windy. Saw a huge fish of easy 5lb breach the surface at the dam end. Massive kype, shovel tail. Like a Salmon.
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    Malham Tarn

    That's a cracking fish. Well done. :) Were you fishing the hog wet or dry? I've had some success with a dry hog on Malham.