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    Medium Wire Barbless Hooks

    See photo below of spider tied on a Fulling Mill short shank special, size 16 I think.
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    Lakeland Fly Tying

    Guys, just a heads up. Nigel seems to have got a delivery of some Whiting half bronze rooster capes and pro grade saddles in multiple colours. I'm in no way affiliated with this site, I just thought I would let people know that they're back in stock, as I've waited a long time to get my hands...
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    Mrs mallone

    Well tied. I was just reading this months FF&FT article about adding deer hair to wet flies.
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    10ft or 9'6 ft 5wt recommendations

    You won't be disappointed. I've got the 9' version lovely to cast and very light in the hand.
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    Rotary vice

    I can recommend the Stonfo Elite, I've tied size 20's and up to size 6 doubles on the Stonfo 2 jaws without any issues, any smaller than size 20 may require Stonfo 1 jaws. My tying has improved a great deal since moving to this vice, I don't think I could go back to a non-rotary vice. Mind you...
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    Kite's Imperial

    Looks well. Been looking to tie a few a few of these myself, do you have a materials list for this?
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    Scoop net recommendations

    I'm thinking about one these.
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    Veniards really

    Yes it is. Was just about to post this.
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    Time to buy

    Rob, what are these cheapo ceramic bobbins, can you send me a link please?
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    Time to buy

    As above, I bought the Tiemco heavy duty bobbin a few weeks ago, can't recommend it enough.
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    Genetic Cape

    Try uk_feathers on ebay.
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    Serious Fishing

    Yea, they're one of my local shops, during this whole lockdown their customer service has been absolutely atrocious. As other posters have pointed out their website stock checker doesn't work, you place an order and you get an email maybe a week later stating that they don't have any of the...
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    Gordon Griffiths Thread

    I ordered the Cobweb Superfine 100 Metre Thread 6/0 10 pack and they came the same way. Going by the other replies in this thread they're maybe just buying bigger spools in bulk and re-spooling it?