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  • Hi

    I am off to Austria next week for a holiday and look forward fishing the Vöckla in Zipf.

    Will leg you know how I get on.

    Tight Lines

    Hello Damian, I am looking for a pike rod/outfit and just stumbled across your offer. Would be interested if you were willing to sell for 130 total. You obviously want to hear from other members first, but if you should decide to go down on the price tag, please send me a PM. Kindest regards, Leo
    Hi Damo,

    I recently registered to this forum and I saw some of your post regarding Sage99.
    Did you buy the 499 model? I use almost always a 3# or #4 line for my fishing, but purchased a 599 some weeks ago. Very efficient tool... with a great feel to it!
    I might even buy a 499 in the future and that's why I contacted you... to hear if you did purchase the rod and eventually your thoughts about the lightest version of the 99 series. Thanks, Conraden

    Thanks for the info'. I'll start doing a little research but I may
    have to bother you again :) Hope you're enjoying the start of spring.

    I'm another brit abroad, I'm in Munich and I would be more than interested if you know of any accessible day waters for trout or Grayling which you could recommend for a weekend away. It does look as though winter is carrying on a bit longer than usual this year, but I'm sure that spring will be with us soon.
    Hi I am new to the site and have been looking for a pack for Fishing, I am interested and have PayOal account. If it's available I would like it please. Do you have any pictures?

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