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    Airflo Sixth Sense: memory issues

    Strangely enough a lot of people on our US sister forum speak highly of Airflo floaters. The one I had a few years ago was cr*p.
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    I inow, i know. Recommend me a 9ft 4# fast action rod for rivers.

    Hi, What about a Mackenzie Nx1? Get good reviews, designed by Paul Proctor. I've got the 10 foot 5 weight and like it.. Cheers, Damian F
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    William Joseph: the (partial) resurrection?

    Hi, A couple of Fishpond packs now have a magnet system, at least on some of their pockets ( The Cross Current and Switchback Pro). The Wychwood packs have a similar look to the WJ packs but don´t have the magnets. Looks like they divvied the tech up between them... Cheers, Damian F
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    Arctic Silver

    Hi all, Recent review here: Cheers, Damian F
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    Buying from the UK in 2021

    Hi, Yes I think there was a 10 Euro handling charge included.
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    Buying from the UK in 2021

    Hi, I´m British but live in Austria. I`ve always enjoyed the fact that I could freely send things to and fro to my family, order stuff rom UK shops without hassle. No longer, unfortunately. Here are a couple of my experiences so far.... I bought a second hand jacket off eBay UK a few weeks ago...
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    New triangular sectioned rods-what do you think?

    Hi all, Just found the old thread, Cheers, Damian F
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    New triangular sectioned rods-what do you think?

    Hi all, This appeared on my Facebook feed. New rods about to be released on Kickstarter, designed in the UK, no idea where they´re built. The USP is that they have a triangular section, which is claimed to offer stiffness for casting on one side and softness for playing fish on the other. What...
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    Hi all, This from the American forum: Nile Creek Fly Shop in Canada have 40 percent off all Vision rods, including Nymphmaniac I think. I'm away from home at the mo and can't access the site on my mobile properly, so can't vouch for it. Also don't know how shipping, taxes etc would stack...
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    Measuring fish

    Hi, I use a measure net, imported from the USA. No fussing around, you can measure the fish while it's still in the water. It's light and strong and you can zip off the bag if you need to change it. Cheers, Damian F
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    New reel released for Euro nymphing

    Hi everyone, Just seen this video from the US. What do you think? Cheers, Damian F
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    Maxcatch Tenkara Outfit Advice

    Hi, If you want to get a Tanuki rod he has a dealer in Italy. He ships much cheaper than from the States and you won´t get stung for import duty. Their website is a bit basic but you can mail them from the address on their Facebook page: (12) Alps Store & Fishing Service | Facebook I´ve...
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    The Deadly Downstream (Dragfree) Drift

    Teme Fisher, I've got several high end tenkara rods and bought a Maxcatch for my kids. It's absolutely fine, a bit on the heavy and stiff side but robust and easy to use. Worth a punt. Not the best for casting level lines but it can cast a #4. If you're going to try tenkara there's loads of...
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    Winter Clothing

    Hi, I've never used one but the Snowbee Breezblock fleece is for sale at half price on their Web site.. Cheers, Damian F
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    Hi Pierjump, I haven't used the Maxcatch nymph rods but there is a lot of discussion about them on their Facebook page. It seems that the Nano Nymph is by far the best, the Farglory is thought of as a bit floppy and the new In Touch (which I was interested in) is described as very top heavy. As...