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    Eridge stream- groombridge

    Nothing is free in these parts! The trout fishing is generally hard work for little gain, they can be caught but mainly early or late in the season. There are a few decent sections in the area but half the enjoyment is finding them so i wont ruin that for you ;)
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    Eridge stream- groombridge

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    Elastic band dry fly trick

    I have a piece of flexi-floss tied to my chest pack in a loop. Works as well as the elastic band and hasn't perished yet. Most fly tiers must have some knocking about?
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    Landing net suggestions

    I have just changed from a Snowbee to a Hanak Champion net as the Snowbee just kept bending and breaking. I am very impressed with the Hanak, strong aluminium frame, lightweight but large and deep (by wading net standards). The head is also detachable so when boat or bank fishing i simply change...
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    Chalk Springs Visit

    There are certainly a few, this little brownie was born and bred in East Sussex. The headwaters of most of our rivers have trout if you can find some access.
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    Dry fly for Rudd

    Pretty sure that Rob's is a roach and Jerry's are rudd. I find the mouth is the easiest way to tell them apart until you get in the murky world of the hybrids. Nice roach as well Rob, those fins are crazy.
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    Artifishal: a critical review

    "This happens in salmon rivers all the time and is how Nature strengthens a genetic pool. I’m told salmon returning to the River Mersey were found to have genes from over 30 rivers. This alone casts doubt on any ‘genetic integrity’ argument against hatcheries harming a gene-pool. " The argument...
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    Czech Nymph

    Love seeing your flies posted Tomas, beautifully tied no-nonsense fish catchers every one
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    Nymph Fly Rd

    I have the 10'6" Marryat and it is an awesome rod for the "leader" nymphing techniques. Great responsiveness and feel and is obviously designed to cast the French Leader as it is exceptional;y good at it. I can only compare against the Greys Streamflex, which is also brilliant but the Marryat is...
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    Best sighter for euronymphing

    Like most things with fly fishing it always pays to remember the best option for a given day is always a compromise. In this case between visibility, sag and turnover. When light conditions allow I go for the thinner end of the spectrum, the thinner indicators weigh a lot less. Less weight =...
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    help! suggestions needed for 3/4 night uk fishing getaway - south west/Wales preferably

    Casterbridge on the Frome? Have accommodation and fishing for some of the biggest grayling in the country.
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    River fishing for brown trout 2019

    Stunning fish, will stay with you for a while i am sure
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    Brown trout

    It is a very nice beat, I fished it for the first time a few weeks ago and had a good day. Started at the downstream limit of the main section and worked back up to the confluence with the feeder (a good 6 or 7 hours fishing). Took plenty of fish on dry flies, nothing fancy mainly DHEs and CDC...
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    General Purpose Emerger

    Cheers! Cracking little pattern that i will definitely be stealing
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    General Purpose Emerger

    Lovely tying, you think the wing case adds much to the pattern? Assuming that gets very fiddly in the smaller sizes!