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    Flouro- dry fly on rivers

    Good point :thumbs:
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    Does Gink go off?

    If it’s still ‘fluid’ use it.
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    Thunderstorms South West

    Just spoke with my brother who’s in Bulford and fished the Wilts Avon for some years. He says it’s blacker than a witches t1t and would expect more rain, there was quite heavy rain this afternoon and he would anticipate the river to be coloured and ‘up’ at the moment - not the best of...
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    How many fly boxes do you take with you?

    One (some larger, some smaller), but still just one.
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    Any idea what this means, good people...

    Oh yes, I’ve had one for about 2 months (I liked the look of it) but I’m only ever likely to use 7/8 and am on the lookout for someone who only uses 5/6 so that we could swap spare spools :cool: WRT instructions and the nibbly marking thingy... I don’t do instructions and guessing line profile...
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    Any idea what this means, good people...

    Do you think you’ll use it for 5/6 7/8 or both?
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    Given up on co-polymer...

    I think you’re on to something because, even at the most casual of glances, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer looks and feels entirely different to styrene-isoprene-styrene copolymer. Or at least that’s how it would appear to a layman.
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    Given up on co-polymer...

    Mmm, I believe there’s a bloke in Wichita that sells a lot of it too. He has tried other products but he’s still on the line.
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    Given up on co-polymer...

    Well, Kim Jong Un has a bit of a spare tyre, he makes a pretty poor leader.
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    Ethics question.

    This is very true, but I do like to save a bit for later.
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    Ethics question.

    Catch it, kill it, eat it.
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    Night time?

    All of my largest wild brownies have been taken at night while fishing for sea trout. Even the smaller fish will attack a tube fly or a large single on the dropper.
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    Ethics question.

    Yes, I admired his box tremendously... errr, ahem, I mean his flies... oh :o :omg:
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    Ethics question.

    Yup, I think it was Bobby W that said, and I’m paraphrasing, that if we tried to imitate nature the fish would reject it. Instead we have to give an impression of a fly... or was that Hughy F discussing sea trout??? Old men forget, yet all shall be forgot :o